Oh boy was it a Flea Market kind of weekend!  For the first time ever K.R.T. Home rented a spot at a small local flea in effort to get our name out in the community. It was a great time, and we met tons of new people! We cleaned out some old stuff and have lots of new stuff coming to the store soon!

Photo via Miss Nia (Thanks!)

You know I couldn't just go to sell- I had to buy as well!  Lots of fun pieces coming to the shop soon!

Did you find any treasures this past weekend?


DIY Love Sign

Do you ever come across things online and think- "Oh I have to remember to do that!" and then like two years pass and you never do?  Well that is basically what happened with this project when Erin sent me the link to this diy. I even went out and bought the yarn, two years ago, and let it sit. When I came across this random piece of wood I remembered! "Oh yea!  That project I was supposed to make like two years ago!" And here she is.

Don't forget to come visit me this Saturday at Landmark Antiques 25th Anniversary Flea Market in Mission Viejo. K.R.T. Home will have a booth with all of our pieces on sale. Now's your chance to see our items in person.


K.R.T. Home SALE!!!

 Have you had your eye on any items at K.R.T. Home but wanted to see them in person?  Well now is your chance!  This weekend Landmark Antiques in Mission Viejo is having its 25 year anniversary and to celebrate they are having an outdoor sidewalk sale.  K.R.T. Home will have a booth and all of our items will be on sale, plus you won't have to pay the shipping! Just in time to make room for new inventory coming soon.  Be sure to come check us out, see and feel our items, and just say hi.  I'd love to meet you there. Sale starts at 8 AM.

Hope to see you there!


Landscape inspiration

 The arrival of spring has me obsessing about getting our landscaping done. Since we are on a budget we are keeping things fairly simple with most of the emphasis on pretty soft scape. (Fluffy flowers, lots of them!) Here's what we're working with:

Here's the plan:

Here's the inspiration:
Gravel and a fire bowl are a must.

Twinkle lights and an intimate dining area will sit right outside of my bifold door.
A hydrangea garden will work perfect in my shady flower beds. 

Planted fruit trees will work perfect for my small yard. 
Bright pink bougainvillea will add a pop of color to the space. 
Are you doing anything new around the yard this spring?


Flower Friday

One thing that I have not skimped on in the new house is flowers. Like clockwork, every week fresh flowers are in order. Since it's officially spring I thought I'd give you guys a little floral inspiration from my home the last few months.

Are you as excited as me for Peonies to come in season?  My vases are waiting....


Lady Gaga G.U.Y.

Well Lady Gaga has another new video, and while I'm not quite sure I understand it, it contains enough pretty to make me happy. The film student in me brings my attention to the art direction and I must say it's quite refreshing to see Ms. Gaga surrounded by pretty flowers, light and bright colors, my favorite housewives, and you really can't beat that location. I mean, Hearst Castle?! Does it get any better?

I love Gaga's passion for popular culture and the Housewives are kind of the epitome of just that at the moment.

Using Andy Cohen as God?  Haha

I'm loving seeing Gaga in a brighter light lately. See the video in its 12 minute entirety below:

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