Peony Season

 I'm back home from what was an amazing trip.  I by no means was ready to come home but the one upside? PEONY SEASON.  I came home to my Trader Joe's over flowing and I couldn't be happier. Seriously my favorite time of year.

I'm still deciding how I am going to share details of my vacay.  Photo journals, city guides, or highlights of each city?  What are you interested in seeing?


DIY Mirror

One of the main items on my bedroom wish list is a floor length mirror.  I was lucky enough to score this vintage mirror from a friend who was throwing it out. It's nothing to fancy, just a builder grade mirror that was probably in a bathroom for a long time, so I'm looking for a way to spruce it up.  
I could go a number of different ways with this project so here are a few I'm leaning toward:

An antiqued mirror:
Some sort of wood and gold dipped frame:
Something Basic:
What's your vote?


Tomboy Cake

Today I'm 27 and am probably on a flight right now to London. Follow me on instagram to see what I'm up to abroad! If not, I will for sure share some of my favorite photos when I get back.  In the mean time I've got a handful of posts lined up to keep you occupied until I return!
On friday I had a small birthday celebration with some close friends and family.  I was kind of obsessed with my cake and cake pop cones. How cute are they?!  How are you feeling about the whole Tomboy Cake (unfrosted) trend?  While some people find it odd or unfinished, I'm obsessed with the simplicity of it. So pretty.



Today is Friday
Tonight is my 27th Birthday Party
Saturday is dinner with some of my favorite girls
Sunday is Mother's Day
Monday is my actual birthday and the day I leave for 10 days in Europe

I really can't complain....

PARIS 2008

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


Floral Inspiration

If you visit frequently you probably know that I have my mind set on some sort of big floral wallpaper for my family room. I've yet to bite the bullet, because it is super pricey and I'm probably a little afraid to commit to one pattern.  But I came across this bathroom the other day and kind of fell in love. 


Maybe one day I'll actually bite the bullet ehh?
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