Landscape inspiration

 The arrival of spring has me obsessing about getting our landscaping done. Since we are on a budget we are keeping things fairly simple with most of the emphasis on pretty soft scape. (Fluffy flowers, lots of them!) Here's what we're working with:

Here's the plan:

Here's the inspiration:
Gravel and a fire bowl are a must.

Twinkle lights and an intimate dining area will sit right outside of my bifold door.
A hydrangea garden will work perfect in my shady flower beds. 

Planted fruit trees will work perfect for my small yard. 
Bright pink bougainvillea will add a pop of color to the space. 
Are you doing anything new around the yard this spring?


Flower Friday

One thing that I have not skimped on in the new house is flowers. Like clockwork, every week fresh flowers are in order. Since it's officially spring I thought I'd give you guys a little floral inspiration from my home the last few months.

Are you as excited as me for Peonies to come in season?  My vases are waiting....


Lady Gaga G.U.Y.

Well Lady Gaga has another new video, and while I'm not quite sure I understand it, it contains enough pretty to make me happy. The film student in me brings my attention to the art direction and I must say it's quite refreshing to see Ms. Gaga surrounded by pretty flowers, light and bright colors, my favorite housewives, and you really can't beat that location. I mean, Hearst Castle?! Does it get any better?

I love Gaga's passion for popular culture and the Housewives are kind of the epitome of just that at the moment.

Using Andy Cohen as God?  Haha

I'm loving seeing Gaga in a brighter light lately. See the video in its 12 minute entirety below:


Model in training

 OH BOY I forgot how many things you have to teach a puppy.  Lola is literally a model when I bring the camera out.  She is just so used to me constantly taking her picture.  This was my first attempt at shooting Molly and she was startled by the sound the camera made. Oh Molly you better get used to it.

Swing by my pal Julia's blog today to see more about how I live pretty with my 3 animals!


Happy Spring!!

Words can't describe how happy I am that spring has come.  Where have the days gone? You know that there is nothing I love more than flowers, so this time of year really gets me going.  I am always looking for new ways to add to my garden so when I saw this tutorial on Henry Happened I kind of fell in love.  See the complete tutorial here. 

Are you as excited as I am about Spring?  What is your favorite thing about this time of year?


73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker -- Vogue

I seriously could watch this interview over and over.  How great is SJP?  And her home is everything I would have hoped for.  Comfy, pretty, approachable, and a little bit unexpected.


Meet Molly

WOW. What a crazy last few days!  As many of you know my husband has a restaurant that I work with him part time at.  Last week when I arrived at work I found these guys in the parking lot:
My husband had seen them a week before, and since they were back, and had no tags I assumed they were lost or strays. They were so sweet and loving, that I couldn't bare to bring them to the local kill shelter.
So I packed them up and headed home.
Once home I uploaded this photo on Insta my other social feeds.  And received quite a bit of interest.
Luckily we found a home for one of the puppies that day.  Rolo (the puppy on the left) now lives two doors down.
Rolo and her new big sister Daisy. 

In the meantime my husband fell in love with this girl:
And I caved.

Miss Molly is now part of our family!
We took her to our vet where she checked out great.  She was scanned and did not have a chip. They guessed she is about 3-4 months old and weighed in at about 19 lbs. She had an allergic reaction to her vaccinations, so she's a little sleepy and on a bland diet for the next few days.  Other than that she is doing great. I can't even begin to explain what a great puppy she is.  So calm and loving, and takes direction so good. I really feel so blessed that this little angel walked into our lives.

 Oh, and how is Lola doing with all of this change?

I'm hoping she comes around.  She's gone from growling at Molly to simply ignoring her, so I think that's progress??


In The Fun Lane

 Did you catch this adorable room yesturday? Maybe it's the gold hearts, the gorgeous bed, or the all white walls, but I kind of fell in love with this little girls room on Apartment Therapy. Once I saw that it was the home of Holly Baker from In the Fun Lane I knew I had to hop on over and see the rest of her abode.  Boy am I glad I did.  Her entire home is amazing. Not to mention the fact that she flips homes for a living!  Dream job. 

Have you seen her blog before?  Who are some of your favorite people to follow at the moment?
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