For those who follow me on Instagram, you probably know I am obssessed. It has become one of my main places to search for inspiration. While Pinterest is amazing and all, sometimes I want to see more real life design and less fancy styled interiors.  Here's a look at few insta shots that I stumbled upon last week.








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Well, move in day was officially supposed to be yesterday, and of course there has been a delay.  There are so many things that have to be inspected, approved, and passed that one little hiccup messes everything up. Praying to find out our for sure close date today.  This last stretch has me super anxious, exhausted, and ready to be settled.


H&M Wishlist

Have you seen the photos from H&M Home's Spring 2014?  I'm kind of obsessed with these photos.  Totally my inspiration for the new place! 

 While all of my large key pieces will be K.R.T. custom furniture or K.R.T. vintage finds, I like to mix in some cheaper accessories.  This way when I'm bored and want to change the look I can do it affordably, and still have my quality staples in place.  A handful of affordable accessories are on my wish list once I move in.

hm wishlist


Lola's Tent

As you know, Lola's favorite item at K.R.T. Home is the miniature tent.  She has one of the vintage pink ones that she is always redecorating.  (She's just like her mama). One of the main reasons I designed them to be so simple, is to give people the opportunity to decorate them to suit their space and make it their own. This is what Lola's looks like right now. 

Crocheted and vintage flowers secure the sticks, with her very own dream catcher. 

My valentines day heart garland diy will probably be out far past February. 

 And from time to time we bring it outdoors to enjoy the beautiful California weather. How would you decorate your miniature tent?


Temporary window coverings

Move in is officially next week! YAY! Today is our final walk through and I am so ready for this journey to be over. Along with a million other things, window coverings are something that need to be addressed asap.  While I know I want to invest in quality hardware and panels this time around, I don't want to be pressured to get just anything for the sake of timeframe and privacy. For the time being I am kind of in love with the idea of these effortless makeshift curtains.  There is just something so romantic, bohemian, and cool about them. Who knows, maybe they will end up being more than just temporary! 


Check back next week for my take on them.



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Pretty Bathrooms

I snuck in the house AGAIN today and found this. Hands down one of my favorite things in the new place, ( second to the TV I can watch from the bathtub).  In my last house the master bath never  got decorated.  Probably because I never really liked it, and wanted it gutted. But with my new, more luxurious bathroom it is actually one of the first places I can't wait to make pretty.  Since I'll be on a budget, I was scouring Pinterest for some fun ideas and came across these:

I just love the idea of getting rid of all of my ugly bottles and replacing them with something like this.  Carly Paige used flowers and glass bottles to totally give the bathroom a spa or hotel like feel. My first worry is glass in a slippery area.  Anyone know where I can get some plastic bottles that are as pretty as these? Because this is totally happening. 


Almost there

Remember a very long time ago I showed you my upgrade choices? It seemed like I would never actually get to see them all together, but alas the time has come!
Sorry for the horrible iphone quality photos in this post!

The house seriously looks like it is almost done!  Word on the street is that our final walk through will be a week from today, with move in being the following week.  Fingers crossed because I am more than ready! 


Floral Mural

Guys!  I can not get the idea of doing a massive floral mural out of my head! I have been obsessing and in my Pinterest searches for "floral murals" "floral wallpaper" and "floral walls" I came across this photo. 
I pretty much died. My walls and floors are white as well and this is the perfect example of what I am going for. I am still hesitant on the whole wallpaper idea and would rather have it painted. I'd also like to slightly tweak this color palette, but you get the idea. Oh, and look how adorable it looked once finished. 



Who doesn't love the new year?  There is just something so refreshing about a new day, and a clean slate.  I take this time as an opportunity to take inventory on life, fix the things I do not like, while taking a moment to appreciate all the good that the last year has brought.

So what's the plan for 2014?  Here goes:

  • Head back to Europe. I haven't been in 4 years and this year I am making it happen.  No excuses.
  • Get in shape. I know, I know, I say that every year!  Well last year I did actually lose the weight I wanted, but the holidays got the best of me so time to get back at it! 
  • Learn Spanish.  I am a mexican who doesn't know it!  Working in a restaurant has totally made it possible for me to learn, so this year I'm making it a point to only speak spanish to my coworkers. 
  • Get settled in the new house.  I seriously CAN NOT WAIT.  This includes get it decorated, unpacked, organized, and do the landscaping!  This also means a lot more content for you guys.  Not having a house these last 6 months has left me completely uninspired, meaning less original content, but that is def going to change in 2014!
  • Host a K.R.T. Home Launch Party!  Once my house is settled, and decked out in all K.R.T. Home, I think it will serve as a great opportunity for people to see my pieces, and an opportunity to finally meet all the wonderful SoCal bloggers that live around me :) Let me know if you are local so I can send you an invite :)
  • Grow K.R.T. home. I know this is a little vague- but I would just like to see it organically continue to prosper. I'm not expecting it to be an over night multi million dollar company, but I do feel like with enough hard work it can become more than just a passion project, and I am hoping to see that happen in 2014. 

Here's to another fabulous year!  What are you hoping to get out of 2014?
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