Travel Wall

 I finally went for it. I now have a pretty legit gallery wall surrounding my TV, made up of all the street art my husband and I have collected on our travels over the years. It def makes a statement, but given that the rest of my house is pretty white and uncluttered I think it works.

My favorite thing about my new wall? There is still plenty of space to add as we go!  Up next?  Puerto Rico and NYC in August!


Oh My Darlings Home Tour

It was just normal day as I was perusing Pinterest when I spotted a pin I fell in love with. With the click of the mouse I was directed to Oh My Darlings blog where I was captivated my all the photos of her pretty house.  It is basically right up my alley and everything feminine, sparkly and bright that I love.  I mean the girls even got a few disco balls hanging around for fun. Loves it. 

Entire house tour is in the current issue of Cupcake Mag. 


Changing things up- THE OFFICE

Last week I showed you how I moved my rustic table from my office into the dining and I like it so much better.  Doing so left me deskless in the office, so it was back to the drawing board for that room. Luckily my mom was able to give me my old desk from when I lived at home and I have to say I like the office so much better now!

 Being that this desk is so much smaller I was able to push it against the wall and bring in some other pieces of furniture. I now have a quaint seating area and a work area all in one little space.
I still have some decorating to finish up in this room, (a chandelier, some more wall art, etc) but for now I'm really enjoying the space! Sometimes a little rearranging is all you need!


Backyard Reveal

I really shouldn't be calling this a reveal, because really, it isn't quite done, but we have some MAJOR progress around here. A short time ago my yard looked like this. And now...

A concrete fire bowl will be where the gas line is, with a bench directly behind it. ONE DAY.

Lola and Molly LOVE their new backyard! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July weekend!  I'll be spending some time in my new backyard.  What will you be up to??


PARIS travel guide

Oh Paris, hands down one of the worlds favorite cities.  If only I could go more often! While I believe it is nearly impossible to have a bad time in the city of love, here's a round up of some of my highlights.  I whole heartedly recommend any and all of these things to do.

You can't visit Paris without eating a macron.  And you haven't had a macron until you have had one from Laduree. I don't know what it is, but it was the best one I have ever had. Maybe it was just because I was in Paris...
I had to get the XL macron. Go big or go home right?!

There is seriously nothing prettier than sunsets in Paris.  So why not see all of it from a bike.  I highly recommend Fat Tire Bike tours, this is the second time I have done a tour through them and both were amazing.  This particular tour is very mellow, low intensity, and covers a lot of ground.  Just look as how pretty our view was!

The perfect spot to end the tour!
3. The Sacre Couer

A trip to the Sacre Couer is a must for a first timers trip to Paris. 
The trek to the top is pretty intense.  It's a long walk but very much worth the sweat. My biggest tip? Keep walking. You will most likely get swarmed with INCREDIBLY pushy guys trying to sell you things.  Don't make eye contact and keep moving.  I have literally never met such aggressive people.  Once they get your attention it's over and your forced to fork over some cash.  JUST KEEP WALKING.  Another side note, go during the day, the view is what you want to see and the surrounding areas aren't the greatest at night from what I have been told.

See??? Wasn't that view worth the walk?! Once you take in the view be sure to check out some street art, a lot of it is pretty reasonable given the fact that they are all originals.  I think I payed 15 Euros for my macrons water color. 


 There is nothing better than a picnic in Paris.  I would literally rather this than lunch at a fancy restaurant. Grab a bottle of champs, some bread, cheese, and macrons and you pretty much have yourself a perfect day.
This right here is the face of pure happiness. 
 Different picnic locations include:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The gardens at the Louvre
  • Along the Seine River
  • At the Palace of Versailles 
  • At the Sacre Couer 

 5. Take a nighttime stroll

Paris truly turns into a different city at night.  Take a free night to wander and see where it takes you. Grab some gelato, walk Saint Germain, sit by the river, have a crepe.

6. Versailles 

Versailles is a must see and basically deserves its own travel guide.  Look out for that one next week!
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