New Art

Remember my fun travel gallery wall I had in my last place?  Well even though I have yet to hang it in the new casa, you know I had pick up a few new pieces on my last trip. 
Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to get anything while in London, but I am pretty happy with the ones I picked up in Paris and Ireland. Now more than ever I think I am ready to find a home for my gallery wall in the new house. 
Everything is currently sitting at the top of the staircase where I had originally thought to hang them...
But now I am leaning toward this wall downstairs in the great room, surrounding the TV.  
What do you think?  Where should I put it?


  1. I looove the way a gallery wall around a TV looks but I personally think I would get distracted while watching TV because my eyes would wander to the art! Haha, but that's probably just me. I say staircase!

    P.S. did you hire someone to hang your TV and hide your cords? If so, can you send me their info! In desperate need of some OC handymen but don't want to get a random off the internet!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. I think both areas would look great. Maybe you just need to have two


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