London Travel Guide

London, London, London.... Oh what I would give to be back right about now. It was my first time visiting this city, although it had been on my list for quite some time.  It felt comfortable, very much like home, but with prettier buildings, confusing intersections and way cooler accents.

Of course I did the typical tourist things like Big Ben, the London Bridge, etc but I decided to put together a round up of my absolute favorite things I did.  I would def recommend all of these places if you are planning a trip soon.

High Tea at The Orangery 

I might say that Tea at The Orangery was my favorite thing we did on our entire trip.  To be honest I don't know if it's super touristy, or if it's remotely authentic, but it surely lived up to my childhood tea time fantasies. The china was gorgeous, the food was tiny and adorable, and the entire place was white!  I mean really, it doesn't get any better.  Oh yea, the tea was delicious too.

The Orangery happens to be at Kensington Palace so be sure to walk the grounds before or after tea!

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture Store
OK, so I know I have been to the ones in LA and New York already, but there is just something special about going in London.  I mean, that is where Ms. Ashwell is from after all...

London Bike Tour
Yes this is super touristy.  Yes the locals probably get really annoyed by all these confused bikers on their roads. But it is really fun. You cover so much more ground on a bike than walking and you really get to take in the sights, with the wind blowing through you hair and all. Our tour guide was super informative, without being boring, it was at a leisurely pace, and was a good way to get a feel for the city at the beginning of the trip.

Borough Market

Borough Market was on my husbands list of things to see and I am so glad we went. It is essentially a gourmet farmers market with everything from flowers, to fruit, to cheese to pastries. We went in the morning in place of breakfast.  Lots of yummy things to try!  It is also in walking distance to The Globe Theatre so plan on hitting both.

Normally I only endorse Bravo Burgers, but if you happen to have a craving abroad Patty & Bun is where it's at.  Amazing burgers. As simple as that. 

Have you been to London?  What are your favorite things to do in the city?


  1. I can't blame you for wanting to go back Kristen, the closest I've been to London is a stopover in Heathrow airport! Will do this for sure someday!

  2. ah I love London! I love to go to the musicals, and visit my fav stores Liberty's and Fortnum and Mason. I've never actually been to Kensington Palace for High Tea but now I really want to! I did go to the Ritz and Fortnum and Mason in my 40th Birthday year for afternoon tea, so really should do the Orangery to compare no?

  3. I visited London only for a weekend while we were in England, and would love to go back!
    I really enjoyed visiting the Camden Market, so many interesting things to see.

  4. i adore London and hope to get back very soon

  5. what lovely photos!! What a fabulous trip you had! I'm currently trying to get an agenda down for the tree days we will be in paris with my little one...needs to be easy, fun .....the hard part is keeping the visits to a few everyday...because there is so much to see.

  6. Love your guide! Brian is going to London in a few weeks, so I'm definitely going to share your tips with him! xx

  7. I've never been but am dying to go! Especially now after reading your fabulous guide and seeing your pictures. What an amazing trip!!

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