Changing it up

     As hard as I try to always get it right the first time, when it comes to decorating sometimes you have to just live in a space and make adjustments.  I was pretty set on using my white table for eating when I first moved in.  I love the idea of all white everything. But with time I realized it felt a little bulky for the space, being to wide to comfortably get around it.  It's width also made my island not very functional since the stools and chairs always felt like they were hitting each other.  

   And then we finished our backyard.... Once I brought out my old patio furniture, I hated the way they went with each other.  I felt like my patio table was too modern and didn't tie in with the rest of my furniture. 

And then I did this...
      My rustic farm table was the perfect solution.  I was using it as my desk in the office, but now I realize I should have done this from word one. It is much narrower, so everything feels so much better, and the gray goes with my outdoor table.

  I picked these babies up at Target.  I feel like they help to perfectly tie my two tables together.  The white metal feels more modern like my patio table, while the wooden tops bring out the rustic in my dining table and whisky barrel planters. 
 With that all is right in the casa Theodossis.  Well downstairs that is..

Don't forget to check back later in the week for my garden reveal!


  1. The farm table looks so good! Adds some nice texture to the space, and suits your style very well! Also, I think you're right that it makes more sense spatially. Great job!

  2. I love the rustic table Kristen! Glad you made the switch!

  3. Amazing what a difference that makes! I love the idea of swapping out furniture from room to room. It makes redecorating a little easier on the wallet =)


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