Molly/Lola Update

Since a few weeks have passed I figure I am probably due for a Molly/Lola update.  I wish I had some real news to report. Let me tell you, the day I find them cuddling together it will be some serious breaking news around these parts.  I guess all I can ask for is for them to coexist, and so far that has worked. Molly hasn't given up hope that one day Lola may wag her tail back.  Her new tactic is to crouch as low to the ground as possible, dragging her stomach across the floor in hopes that Lola will think she is smaller than she is and want to play. Lola then bites her in the face or growls ferociously. Molly retreats to a spot in the sun and tries again 10 minutes later.  It really is an ongoing thing, but I am very relieved that I have seen zero aggression from Molly. 

 This is pretty much how you will always find them- Lola up some place high where she feels safe, and molly roaming around or playing with a toy on the ground.


  1. aww hopefully they'll be best friends soon! lola was used to being an only child so it will just take some time. hope they get there soon :)

  2. aww! molly sounds so so sweet - which is the best you can hope for when bringing a new dog into the mix. I'm sure lola will warm up over time...

  3. they are just too cute
    i love that they are so opposite

  4. awww.....it's hard when your reality changes....they are so cute....they will come around! In the meantime the photos are fab!

  5. That is so cute that Molly tries so hard and gets as low to the ground as possible to make friends with Lola. Actually kind of heart braking. I'm convinced that Lola will give in one day and love her.


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