Lady Gaga G.U.Y.

Well Lady Gaga has another new video, and while I'm not quite sure I understand it, it contains enough pretty to make me happy. The film student in me brings my attention to the art direction and I must say it's quite refreshing to see Ms. Gaga surrounded by pretty flowers, light and bright colors, my favorite housewives, and you really can't beat that location. I mean, Hearst Castle?! Does it get any better?

I love Gaga's passion for popular culture and the Housewives are kind of the epitome of just that at the moment.

Using Andy Cohen as God?  Haha

I'm loving seeing Gaga in a brighter light lately. See the video in its 12 minute entirety below:


  1. She's nuts LOL but you gotta love it ;)

  2. well that was interesting. the housewives in this feels really out of place. lol - she definitely does her own thing that's for sure! <- which I'll always support.

  3. Lady Gaga is a mystery to me
    I do like some of her songs, but not a ton of them
    I am a huge fan of the Hearst Mansion though!


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