Welcome to K.R.T. Home's office

Well we finally have a place to call home!  It feels so good to have a proper workspace and a place I can bring clients. Although it's far from finished- I'm sure it never will be- I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. 
Vintage Framed Scarves available here

An inspiration board will go on either side of the mirror.

All my favorite books are within an arms reach. Art from By Bun and Fall into London.

Fabric swatches are my favorite.

Oh hey there Lola!

I'm sure this space will be ever changing, but for now I love it.  Can't wait to see where it goes from here.  Check back tomorrow to help me choose the right lighting fixture for the space!


  1. Looks great! Must be so nice to finally start settling into your new home :)

  2. Your office looks so nice and feminine! It must feel great to be able to create in your own space.

  3. it looks so fabulous! I love your desk/table - so rustic chic :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  4. Your office is already looking so chic and fresh! In love with your mirror, fabulous dear!

  5. Love it! Such a pretty place to work!

  6. How exciting! Glad to see you are finally able to settle in =)

  7. gah! your office looks soooo good! I'm obsessed w/ your desk/table & love that you can fit a couple of people around it. ...oh..and thanks for the artwork shout out! xo

  8. What a lovely place to spend the day working away! Love seeing these glimpses of how your new home is starting to pull together.


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