Master Bedroom

In my last house my master bedroom never really got done.  It was always less of a priority than the down stairs so by the time we moved we hadn't really touched it.  I am making it a point to show my new master some love this time around. Right now it's a blank canvas, but I have some plans people.  Remember the bed I picked up at a garage sale last year?  Well she'll be the focal point.

Things I need:
New night stands.  (Something vintage)
A Chandlier
An extra large mirror
An extra large Dream Catcher to ensure only the most restful sleep
Curtains and hardware
Extra large artwork for above the bed.

I'm leaning toward this Max Wanger print in a thin silver frame. Unless you have a better idea?  What do you think would look good over my bed?


  1. I'm still so in love with your amazing bed and that print would look awesome.

  2. that bed is gorgeous! and I am a big fan of that print...It would look perfect above the bed :)

  3. That bed is absolutely amazing Kristen and I cannot wait to see your vintage night table (when you find the perfect one!) I do love that Max Wanger piece but a bit of extra color would not be bad either :)

  4. Yay! I love bedroom design. I know for me the florentine nesting tables have done the job of nightstands wonderfully. And something gilt could pick up the detail of your bed! As you already know, I am a big fan of vintage/traditional, so I would go for a big romantic oil painting for over the bed. Hehe good luck on your hunt, but more importantly have fun!!!

  5. We get to overlook the master bedrooms as it's a room that doesn't get seen by other people - so instead we focus on those parts of the house that do get viewed frequently. But it makes it so cosy and personal when our main bedroom is shown some love and affection - I can't wait to see the progress on your master bedroom!

  6. I love love love that print! We've also been avoiding decorating our bedroom, but we need to get our butts in gear! xx

  7. what a fantastic print
    it will go perfectly in your room

  8. I think that what ever you do, will look amazing! The bed looks so comfy!

  9. that bed is amazing, how do you ever make yourself get out of it!?


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