It's Monday, and people seem to hate them, so hopefully these pretty flowers make it a bit better.  I had told my husband that as much as I love an arrangement from my favorite flower shop, I'd rather have a few bundles of more affordable Trader Joe's flowers so I could spread them through our new house.  So what does the man do?  He heads to my favorite florist and gets me a massive bundle.  Seriously the most gorgeous flowers I have ever received, and had so much fun making all my little arrangements!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special?


  1. Nope nothing special! Was snowed in the entire weekend and got lots of stuff done!
    Love your pretty flowers!

  2. adore the flowers!!
    the colors are beautiful

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Oh my goodness, a dream come true to have so many flowers in the house at one time, right?! I know it would be for me =)

  4. Wow, beautiful flowers! You're home is looking lovely.

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