Above Cabinet Decor

From time to time I will come across a decorating dilemma and that's typically when I'll run straight to Pinterest.  I'll look for examples and see what others have done in the same situation. That is exactly what happened when one of my best friends, who's also now my new neighbor (WooHoo) told me she was looking for some items to decorate above her kitchen cabinets.  My first thought? Ahhhh 1990's fake plants and dust, lots of dust. That is when my trusty Pinterest directed me to this article that pretty much sums up all of my opinions on the issue. Just thought it was worth passing on...

How do you feel about the topic? Is it a HELL NO or a MUST?

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  1. I had my milk glass above cabinet for a while now and just took it down last week for a cleaner look. Not sure if I will add it back yet. I do like it though!

  2. The reason why I had all my kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling was because I wanted to avoid this. But that's just me, I can't take the dust and clutter up top, but others, like your examples here have made it look so stylish! I guess it all depends on your personal taste.

  3. These are often my most popular posts (when I run across a dilemma like this I Google/Pinterest away and then make a post!)

  4. I like the guidelines that article suggests. Particularly for floating furniture though, and not so much cabinets. I am a big supporter of ceiling height cabinetry and am crossing my fingers that our future home has it! Though I wouldn't mind having such an extension collection of cake stands to stack on top of them either =)

  5. Always a good question! I'm going to read it now. I personally like to use clear glass pieces so the space doesn't look too heavy. BTW I'm following you on pinterest and I love your boards!

  6. eh - I go back and forth. sometimes I think its fun to display stuff (and its a good use of storage space). but then other times I prefer things clean and simple...and take everything down!

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