Holiday Photos and 40% off Cyber Monday!

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Here's a little behind the scenes of us getting our holiday photos taken. Can't wait to show you what they look like! 

Are you sending a photo card this year?


  1. Yes, to photo cards! Love your pictures ;)

  2. Gorgeous couple in their future gorgeous home!

  3. Aw you and your husband are so cute!! and your house is really coming along! I can't wait to see your kitchen finished!!

  4. You guys are seriously so adorable! And it looks like they are making great progress on the house!!!! Congrats!

  5. looks like your Christmas card photo is going to be super cute. and love the glimpses into the house too - so jealous! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. love your sweater and that cute little tree
    sadly, I had to trick my boys into posing for a card
    they are not going to be happy when they figure it out!!!

  7. so, so cute!! love it....can't wait to see the final one. We always send out photocards....but just of our daughter....who wants to see me?!

  8. You two are so adorable! And the house is coming along - can't wait to see the final pic! xx

  9. Love the sweaters on you and Lola--so cute! And so is the tree.
    xx, Angelica


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