My christmas corner

 There is nothing I love more than decorating my home for the holidays.  Everything just feels so much more warm and cozy when it's Christmas ready.  Being that I am living with my parents this year, I feel like I am totally missing out on all of the fun. The thought of my beautiful tree sitting in storage, while everyone will be pulling theirs out, kind of kills me.  This little Christmas corner will have to do this year. I think of it as a Lola sized version of what I normally have.  Just as gorgeous, pink, and vintage as the real deal, just pint sized.

Find the tree and ornaments at K.R.T. Home. 


  1. I love that little tree
    I have been in love with those trees ever since I saw Martha Stewart talk about them on a show about 10 yrs ago
    I have two now

  2. Do you think the tree will come in silver? I would love to buy one in silver!!

  3. The tree is perfect for you and lola for now, once you have your new house, I'm sure you'll go Christmas-tree-crazee!

  4. Such a sweet little festive space! I love the tree and the ornaments in the bowl are adorable.
    xx, Angelica


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