Flea Market Bags

 One of the best things about having my own shop is the ability to make things for myself!  I obviously love a good flea market, but I have never had the right shopping bag.  I love my Neverfull Louis Vuitton, but it's a little to fancy for the flee.  I love my reusable shopping totes, but they are never large enough to carry all of my random treasures.  The solution?  Create my own!

The Flea Market Tote is literally the perfect shopping bag.  It is so large that it's nearly impossible to fill up.  The convenient side pocket is perfect for your phone, water bottle, or keys. Available in washable linen and cotton. 

I use mine for way more than just the flea.  It's perfect for beach days, sleep overs, on the go moms--really, the options are endless. 
If you don't need something quite as large the Flea Market Crossbody is another great option.  The hands free style is perfect for shopping and rummaging through treasures. The side pocket is super convenient. 

Which is your favorite?


  1. love the plain and the last one!

  2. I love the creamy floral one! What a superb idea sweetie.

  3. I am on love with these and the fabric options are perfection!!! Smart thinker :)

  4. I love both options; what a great idea Kristen!!

  5. I love that first pink floral one - what a FANTASTIC idea Kristen (especially for thrift shopping too!) I need one!!!!

  6. You look adorable and so does she! I love both. The floral one is so lovely :)

  7. Totally loving these bags
    I really like the crossbody style
    These bags are just screaming for me to monogram them for you. ;)

  8. These are so fabulous - I especially love the pink floral one. Congrats on the launch of your new shop - I've been loving hearing about it and seeing all your cute things on IG!

  9. They are great. It's like having a very stylish, pretty and functional version of the ugly large Ikea bag which is awesome for shopping.


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