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Custom Tent's Available!

 If you are thinking about placing an order for a Tent this holiday season please let me know soon.  We have limited quantities and I will be getting one last shipment before Christmas.  Now is your opportunity, if you have a specific color palette or print in mind to let me know what you are looking for!
These fabrics are going to make some pretty special custom tents! 

Did you see our Marble Cheese Dome in  Isn't That Charming's gift guide yesterday? Hop on over and see all the other items in her round up. 


Birdcage Perfection

I have had Love since February and have been on the hunt for the perfect cage since then.  So far nothing has been right. They either had too big of gaps between the bars, or been decorative, or too rusty.  But then I came across this one.....

Isn't she perfection?!  Only problem?  It's in spain and shipping is more than the item itself..... Maybe Santa will work his magic?


Things are getting fun

Things are starting to move pretty quickly around here.  It seems that every time we visit there are new things to get excited about.  I can not wait until I have my backsplash and countertops!  It is so fun to finally see our choices coming together.

The stone finally went up on the exterior.
Tile is installed! Obsessed with my subway bathroom.


Its My Favorite Day of the Week!

It's Friday party people! The weather has given us a little taste of winter here in SoCal, so I'll most likely be spending the next few days inside.  What do you have planned?

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Accent Wall

Now that the countdown is on for move in, I have finally taken the time to start thinking about decor. Since I have decided to go a bit safe on the stair carpet, and pretty much everything is white, from the floor to the walls to the cabinets, I am still thinking about  where I can make a statement. 

 I was thinking I wanted to do something fun with the main wall.  I don't have the money to do the moldings like the model (below), and wanted something with a bit more color and pizzaz. Then I got to thinking WALLPAPER. 
But then I remembered how hard wallpaper is for resale, and how hard it is to remove if I hate it.  Then I came across this:
How amazing is this hand painted wall?!  Now to find an artist friend who can pull it off...

Would you ever do a mural in your home?


This weeks highlights

Things have gotten a whole lot more fun since the drywall had gone up. It seems like new things are happening every day. The highlights of this week?
 The kitchen cabinets have been delivered and the staircase handrail are in!
It's looking like we have just a little over a month and we should be in- fingers crossed!


Weekend recap

Happy Monday! Wouldn't it be nice to be Lola right about now? I'm off to a slow movin week. Here's a little peak at what my weekend looked like:

I got my nails done here:

I soaked up some words of wisdom like these:

I spent a few nights here:

I gazed a whole lot at this:

I became besties with her:

What was your weekend like? 


Special weekend offer

Happy weekend! For the first time in forever the hubby and I are taking the weekend off for a little r&r.  Looking forward to a few days in the mountains. This weekend only, sign up to join our mailing list at www.krthome.com and recieve a 10% discount code! 

What are your weekend plans?



Claremont, CA
 One of my absolute favorite things to do is to explore beautiful neighborhoods and pick which houses I would choose as mine. I love to imagine what each house looks like inside, and all the things I would do to improve them. It inspires new ideas, and motivates me to work harder so that one day I may actually end up in one of these neighborhoods.
Claremont, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

Laguna Beach, CA
I def think you can tell I'm craving something traditional.  What neighborhoods do you peruse for fun?


Full size tent

They have finally arrived!  I finally have a full sized tent up for sale on K.R.T. Home and am seriously tempted to keep it for myself. 

Two roll up windows on either side. 
Tie close front door. 

Also available in miniature size!
I mean really, what's cuter?


Patio Inspiration

Almost a year ago I posted about these gorg stained glass windows that I wasn't quite sure what to do with.  Well I think I figured out what to do with them! 
As you know, I have this wide open bi fold door in my new house.  I knew from word one that I wanted my landscape to be a continuation of the space.  I for sure want some sort of patio cover.  The other day I was at the O.C. Mart Mix when I came across this one:
 See the windows!!
This is another patio cover that I have been saving for inspiration.  I love the fabric and simplicity of it, combined with the reclaimed wood and windows of the first one. Oh how I can't wait to have a house of our own again! 

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My christmas corner

 There is nothing I love more than decorating my home for the holidays.  Everything just feels so much more warm and cozy when it's Christmas ready.  Being that I am living with my parents this year, I feel like I am totally missing out on all of the fun. The thought of my beautiful tree sitting in storage, while everyone will be pulling theirs out, kind of kills me.  This little Christmas corner will have to do this year. I think of it as a Lola sized version of what I normally have.  Just as gorgeous, pink, and vintage as the real deal, just pint sized.

Find the tree and ornaments at K.R.T. Home. 


The Holidays Are Coming!

The holidays are coming!  I know, I know, I'm early, but the early bird gets the worm right? Those of you who have followed me for a while now know I love me some holiday decor. I tend to go a little less traditional though.  Who says Christmas has to be green and red?  I steer more pink and vintage.  Shocking I know!

I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of filling vintage grain sacks with presents.  Who needs stockings when you have these?
I seriously can't get over how cute this little reindeer ornament is. 

The perfect palette. 
The perfect holiday. Lola not included. 

 Get your fill at K.R.T. Home while it lasts.  Supply is limited.


Flea Market Bags

 One of the best things about having my own shop is the ability to make things for myself!  I obviously love a good flea market, but I have never had the right shopping bag.  I love my Neverfull Louis Vuitton, but it's a little to fancy for the flee.  I love my reusable shopping totes, but they are never large enough to carry all of my random treasures.  The solution?  Create my own!

The Flea Market Tote is literally the perfect shopping bag.  It is so large that it's nearly impossible to fill up.  The convenient side pocket is perfect for your phone, water bottle, or keys. Available in washable linen and cotton. 

I use mine for way more than just the flea.  It's perfect for beach days, sleep overs, on the go moms--really, the options are endless. 
If you don't need something quite as large the Flea Market Crossbody is another great option.  The hands free style is perfect for shopping and rummaging through treasures. The side pocket is super convenient. 

Which is your favorite?
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