Looks like we will soon have drywall!  I think that will feel like such a difference.  I've started to feel like things are moving a little slower, probably because they have been installing things like air ducts and plumbing, which isn't quite as exciting as stairs, and a second story.  Last week we had our second to last design center appointment, these are options I decided on:

  • Rain shower head in master
  • White subway tiles in master shower and around master bath
  • White subway tiles as kitchen backsplash
  • Two glass kitchen cabinets on either side of micro hood
  • Oversized farmhouse sink in Kitchen

We really wanted to upgrade our appliances to something professional grade but it is just SOOOOO expensive.  We are saving our pennies to be able to get a better deal on them from another source once we move in. We also skipped on upgrading master counters to marble, and will probably do that later down the line.

This coming week is our final appointment- FLOORING- which sadly might be a bit anti climatic because we are pretty much out of money. Check back to see what I decide for the staircase. 


  1. Drywall always makes such a difference! Everytime I look at only the frame of a house I always think it looks tiny and theres no possible way humans could live there...and then the drywall goes up :) So excited for you!

  2. Ah this is so exciting!! I love the things you've chosen so far! Who is your builder? You have way better options than when we had our last house (that we owned) built. That was like 7 years or so ago though so options have probably just gotten better all around. That makes me very excited to buy again! In the meantime I'm having fun watching your house come together- I know it's going to be beautiful!

  3. Your house is becoming a real HOUSE! You must be so giddy with excitement in choosing things for your new abode! It will cost a lot up front, so don't worry, just choose some items that are livable and easy to upgrade later on on your own!

  4. wow it's really coming along!!

  5. this is the fastest house ever to go up! So exciting. yes after the wood part is up it seems to slow down for sure. There are so many things you can do later on...its almost better this way because then you can really plan it better and really think about all the details...at this point you are probably making so many decisions that its hard to even imagine what it will look like.

  6. So exciting! I think you both are making wonderful decisions - those aspects you can definitely upgrade later! Best of luck with the rest lady and have a wonderful weekend xo

  7. I know you are so excited to be moving on to the next phase. You'll be in your home before you know it!!


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