Design Camp OC

Sometimes things just work out. If you you would have planned them they wouldn't have happend. As you know K.R.T. Home is in the works (set to launch next week!!) and it has pretty much consumed my life.  Every extra dollar has been spend on product and bringing everything to life. When I saw that Typhanie was hosting a giveaway to attend Design Camp, right by my house in the O.C. I entered thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to learn about marketing my new store, network with designers who could possibly buy from my store, and meet some pretty inspiring people. I was beyond shocked and excited when I found out that I had won! I would have never been able to afford the ticket right now, but I can't think of better timing. I'm sticking to the thought that it was just meant. It was a seriously an amazing three days- I literally feel like I my brain is exploding with new information and totally have the inspiration to really get going. I def recommend Design Camp to anyone interested in working in the design field. 

Top three things I took away:
1. Social media is everything.  I will now be blowing up all of your feeds.
2. Knowing your brand inside and out is essential. I have literally spent the last three days breaking down K.R.T. a million different ways. 
3. The community is pretty awesome.  I was so nervous to go all by myself, intimidated by the fact that I wouldn't know a soul.  Everyone was incredibly supportive and easy to talk to.  I made a ton of new friends I hope to keep in touch with.

Oh yea, and these people were pretty awesome too:

I was so excited to hear Paloma from La Dolce Vita. I have followed her for a while now and she had a ton of good advice on blogging. 
I'm now obsessed with Nathan Turner.  So charming and relatable in person. 

I want to be Kathryn Irelands bestie.  She was as hilarious in real life as I expected. Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis  are the women behind the camp and were amazing.  They did such a great job at making everyone feel comfortable and really set the tone for a fun and approachable event. 
The next Design Camp will be in Las Vegas and I highly recommend anyone interested in design attend. I can't get over how much I took away in only a few days.


  1. That is so awesome! Definitely perfect timing for you :) One day I will make it to design camp!

  2. what a great opportunity for you
    i know you were thrilled to win

  3. ahh looks so amazing! i would love to attend blogging and/or design conferences too. so lucky that you won an opportunity to go. i'm sure it was so awesome!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. Wow! Lucky gal! Glad you had a blast!

  5. No way!! Sometimes the stars align right? So excited for this opportunity and the timing was perfect. I can't wait till next week and of course will love to help spread the word.

  6. That sounds like such a fabulous time! I'm happy that you got to go and I can't wait for the new site!

  7. That is so exciting and amazing. Congrats for winning. I think it was meant to be too!


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