So there is one major problem with the fact that I am opening my own online home decor and furnishings store.  I want to keep everything.  I find myself buying things for my shop, and trying to justify why I couldn't possibly let each piece go.  As much as I want to keep every single vintage chair and scarf it is just silly. 

That is exactly what has happened with my little Vogue coffee table  book collection. It all started when I found this beauty from the 1960's. The perfect colors, perfectly loved, and so fun to read. 

Then I found her a perfect companion. 

 On The Edge is from the early 1990's but documents the 100 years prior.  Equally as fun to read and the perfect balance to my first Vogue book.  Now that they are a perfect pair, I just can't seem to let them go!
 I love them just as much without their covers.

All items are now available for pre order.  Let me know if you would like to see our price sheet and dimensions for Scarves and Chairs.  Keep your eyes out for KRT Home set to launch mid month.  You just might see these books on their as well. MAYBE.


  1. i know what you mean, I like books without there covers too! I'll have to have a look around your store!

  2. Ha, don't we all do that? I want to keep everything myself all the time. Love the books.

  3. I would have the same problem! I'd want to keep everything! Those books are great; what a perfect pair.

  4. I've always wanted to open my own vintage shop since I was a child but I'd have the same problem. My home would be filled with all my found treasures and I'd be left with nothing to sell! :S Love these books, they are gorgeous!

  5. So exciting! I imagine if I opened my own shop that my biggest dilemma would also be what to sell and what to keep :)

  6. I am sure that etiquette book is hilarious to read


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