Not only do we have a second story but its covered now as well!  It's so crazy how quickly things move along.
 Such a clean worksite.
 The view from the upstairs hallway. Little Lola always has her eye on us!

One of the funnest parts about buying a brand new home is the ability to pick all of your options. While a lot of the upgrades are super expensive, certain things are just better to get done and out of the way. So far we have had to finalize the following:

Bifold door off the kitchen
4th bedroom/4th bathroom conversion

4 Chandelier prewires (dining, entry, office, master)
A bunch of extra can lights
A TV plug in the master bath (Housewives and bubble baths at the same time? YES PLEASE!)

Next up?  This weekend we choose plumbing and kitchen upgrades.  Check back next week to see if I get my farmhouse sink and rain shower. One thing we did already chose is the granite, and I am so happy with my choice.
I really wanted marble, DUH, but budget wouldn't allow.  Granite did fall in our price point, but I wanted something subtle, with few large blotches, and in a light shade. 
Creams, grays, and magenta speckles.

If you were buying  a brand new home, what upgrades would you make sure you got from the get go and what would you wait on?


  1. I have never actually considered a new construction home!! So excited for you =)

  2. So exciting! It's fantastic that you get to be so hands on with the upgrades and material selection!

  3. so excited for you
    i love being able to do everything for the ground up
    have fun

  4. OMG OMG! Your house is coming along So well! Congrats! I love the pic of Lola just chilling in the car. hehe

    Holly Foxen Wells

  5. I am so excited. It will start going so much faster after this stage. When we renovated we splurged on things that were too hard to put in later. We saved on closet systems, moldings...things that can be added later. Good luck

  6. how fun it must be to watch your house come together literally DAY BY DAY!

  7. Love Lola in the truck :)
    I'm surprised that the marble was is so expensive. When I had it priced in our kitchen reno it was at the cheapest with the low granite options.

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