Forever ago I saw these gold leaf terra cotta pots and knew they HAD to happen. After getting my little love shrub last week I knew this was the perfect opportunity. 

Just because it's fall doesn't mean your gardens don't need a little love.  I love how they look with my pretty, and not so pretty, little pumpkins I def like the look of a more weathered pot so I can't wait for it to get a little roughed up. 



A while back, when I was looking for affordable curtain rod options I decided to go the DIY route.  I was able to use these knobs and rods to come up with $15 rods WITH finials.
As I was perusing Anthro's new arrival section as I frequently do, I came across these babies... 
Great minds think a like Anthro.....

These finials alone are $38 for the pair.  I paid $4 each for the knobs.  Once you tack on the price of the curtain rod you are easily near $100 for one window, my DIY was under $15.  Let's be real, I'm sure the quality of these is far superior to my DIY but there is an option for everyone.  If you plan on staying in your home for a long time I say make the investment, but if you are renting or only want them until you grow tired (ME) then I say go the DIY route. 

What do you think? Splurge or save?



 Every year for our anniversary I like to gift Bobby according to American tradition.  I was super excited because year 4 is either fruit or flowers. If we were in our house I probably would have have gone for a large flowering fruit tree, but living with my parents forced me to be creative.  We made a date out of it with a stroll through Rogers Gardens to find the perfect fruit plant. We wanted something that we could grow in a pot and easily move with us wherever we go. How cute is this little lemon shrub?  Best part? It is already baring fruit.  Lola loved the way it smelled.
 Do you like to follow these types of traditions? What did you do this weekend?



This is what fall in So Cal looks like.

 The beaches are back to being quiet and serene, and Lola is officially allowed back on the sand until next summer.

What are your weekend plans? Today is me and hubby's 4 year wedding anniversary, so celebration is in order.  Look back on our wedding photos by Max Wanger here. 



The older I get, the more I appreciate where I live.  Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano is one of those places that I always knew was there but never really took the time to appreciate.  Located just across the street from the San Juan Mission, Los Rios is the oldest neighborhood in California. Originally it was made up of 40 adobe homes, but in the 1800's many were replaced by adorable wood sided ones.
The Montanez Adobe is one of the last remaining of the original homes built in the late 1700's.

Some of the cottages are now used as shops and restaurants.
Others are private residences. 
This one is for lease for $3900 a month.  Live or Work.....Maybe the future site of KRT Home?? HAHA.....one day. 

If you happen to be visiting SoCal, Los Rios is def a place worth visiting but is often overlooked.  Your best bet is taking the train (It lets you off right in the center of Los Rios).  Get breakfast at The Ramos House, walk the shops, and if you have kids check out Zoomar's petting zoo. Lunch at the Tea House is always a fun girls day as well.



Just in case you were wondering, this is where I lay my head at night. Last time we moved into my parents house I brought a lot more stuff.  This time I pretty much moved into the guest bedroom. It's a tight space but we are making it work. Only 3 1/2 more months til we are out of here!
This is the same bed I slept in in high school, it feels so much smaller now!  The Wedding Registry flag was from the closing of the Shabby Chic store in Newport and we were able to use it at my bridal shower. Now it just looks pretty. 
Moms vintage catch all now holds my daily jewelry. The Mother of the Bride pin is hers. 
Lola doesn't seem to mind the size of the bed. 
Ummmm Lola, shouldn't you be sleeping in your tee pee?

Nah, she'll take the bed. 



 Not only do we have a second story but its covered now as well!  It's so crazy how quickly things move along.
 Such a clean worksite.
 The view from the upstairs hallway. Little Lola always has her eye on us!

One of the funnest parts about buying a brand new home is the ability to pick all of your options. While a lot of the upgrades are super expensive, certain things are just better to get done and out of the way. So far we have had to finalize the following:

Bifold door off the kitchen
4th bedroom/4th bathroom conversion

4 Chandelier prewires (dining, entry, office, master)
A bunch of extra can lights
A TV plug in the master bath (Housewives and bubble baths at the same time? YES PLEASE!)

Next up?  This weekend we choose plumbing and kitchen upgrades.  Check back next week to see if I get my farmhouse sink and rain shower. One thing we did already chose is the granite, and I am so happy with my choice.
I really wanted marble, DUH, but budget wouldn't allow.  Granite did fall in our price point, but I wanted something subtle, with few large blotches, and in a light shade. 
Creams, grays, and magenta speckles.

If you were buying  a brand new home, what upgrades would you make sure you got from the get go and what would you wait on?



Life has been crazy lately. Between getting KRT Home up and going, buying a house, working full time, and all of life's other stresses I've literally had no time for anything else. Luckily I was able to capture an adorable moment of my two loves taking some time to slow down. 

Here's a little look around the parents house lately.

 Kind of obsessed with this vintage painting.  Still deciding if it will be added to the shop.

 There is something about my moms new Frida shopping bag that I love.
 My succulents are still alive at Mom's house.  Can't wait to be able to take them back to our place once we are moved in.
 The baby succulents have grown.
Who says Summer is over?  Lola's soaking up every last second of it.  What season are you currently living in?



It's all about the details in life. I think that is probably why I'm so instagram obsessed.  I love the idea of taking the time to highlight the pretty in everyday life.  Here's a look at a few small things that made my stay at the Parker Palm Springs pretty. 
Perfect morning light.  Perfect pattern.

Brass love.

The perfect pillows.
I'm secretly obsessed with all this pink marble.

Who even cares what it tastes like? Cutest poolside drink.
The perfect scene



So I didn't plan to take a few days off this week, but the hubs decided we needed a night away in Palm Springs to celebrate our 10 year dating anniversary..... AWWWWW.....
The last time I went to Palm Springs I showed you a picture of this house, Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway.  Well this time I was super excited to be able to book a tour. It's the home Elvis lived in when he first married Priscilla and where they lived with baby Lisa Marie. More than the fun of Elvis living here, I was super intrigued by the designer who built this house and its connection to Mid Century Modern architecture.  This home was thought to be the "house of the future" and one of the pioneers of mid century. Read more about its history here
 Take a look at these doors!  Notice how low the handles sit.  Very common for this time period.

 The entire house is made up of circles.  Not one room in the entire house was square or rectangular.

 The photo above me is of Elvis an Priscilla sitting in the exact same spot.  Kinda fun.
 It is so interesting to me the way trends always repeat themselves.  For the time, one of the things that made this home so "futuristic" was the open concept, and bringing the outdoors in.  Sounds  a lot like my new home.

 An indoor weber grill was one of this kitchens main selling points.
And this my friends is where the magic happened. Elvis slept on the left, Priscilla on the right. 

One last fun photo op.  The photo to the left is Elvis and Priscilla standing in the courtyard. Here is me and Bobby in the exact same place.  Notice even the plants are still the same, all they do is water them to keep them alive. If you are going to Palm Springs and want a dose of the Mid Century Architecture that the city is known for, I def recommend taking this tour. 
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