We have walls!!  This has been the most exciting update so far.  It's finally starting to actually feel like a house.  Hopefully we will have a second story in the next week.

A notes for the workers. My bifold door and 4th bedroom and bathroom. 
This weekend we attended Rancho Mission Viejo's first community event!  
My bestie came along for a picnic in the new park, and s'mores around the community fire. Only a handful of people were there. It's crazy to think that in a few years from now these events will probably be crowded to the max.  That is what is so fun about being part of a new community.  The ability to watch it grow! 
So stoked to be able to use this fire pit once we move in! 
If you missed yesterdays post, check out some of my favorite items set to hit KRT Home in the coming weeks. Taking pre orders now. Let me know if you would like me to send you our price sheet and dimensions.


  1. Wow I have clearly missed a ton - congratulations on everything - walls, shop, firepit! :)

  2. Huge congrats on the new house!! This stage is so fun- when our last house that we owned was being built we drove over to see it multiple times a week. It's so exciting watching it take shape! I am anxious for you to get moved in because I'm dying to see how you'll decorate it- I know it will be gorgeous!!

  3. So exciting to see those studs go up
    I am craving a roasted marshmallow now!!

  4. this house is growing fast! So exciting! I bet you fall asleep with butterflies in your stomach every night because of excitement. At this rate it will be done before Thanksgiving!

  5. mmmm toasted marshmallows! The best. So exciting about your house!!!

  6. Yeah, I love construction. I haven't had a toasted marshmallow in the longest time. Now I am craving one, big time.

  7. A community fire pit, how cool is that?

  8. Beautiful photos!

  9. Hurray! I love that you guys are already having community parties, I can't ever imagine anything like that ever happening in Australia LOL


  10. So fun! Can't wait to see more house progress :)


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