And here she is ladies and gentlemen!  The new casa de Theodossis. We are so excited to be able see our home be built from the very beginning. 
I'll be honest, I'm not crazy about my exterior elevation.  I really wanted the farmhouse, but the better location won, and this is what I ended up with.  They are calling it  Western Ranch Heritage. It's a bit different than what I am typically drawn to, but I think I can make it work.

The floorplan is very different from my last home, in that it is very open concept.  No more formals, which means I'm losing some of my furniture, but I'm loving the feel of a large open space. Keep in mind that these pictures are from the model home and the finishes will look very different.  Everything from the flooring to the cabinets, and obviously the furniture. 

This is what you see when you first enter the home. 
This is just to the right of the entryway.

So here is the one problem with the floorplan. This wall is where the TV is supposed to go. Yes, that door opens right into it, and it's right in the path of the staircase. I am not one to let the TV get in the way of good design, so I am sure I will figure something out, but I thought I should get your input. Where would you put it?
1.On this wall
2. On a low piece of furniture in front of one of the windows that the sectional is now up against
3. Either to the right or left of the center window that the sectional backs up against. The wall that directly faces the kitchen. (refer to floor plan).

On the day we bought we already had to make structural upgrade decisions.  We added the fourth bedroom/bathroom. Oh, and these doors are happening. Hello gorgeous.


  1. it looks ah-mazing! i love those doors from the kitchen - will be so so nice in summer. i think you could do the tv against where the couch is now and then sorta float the couch in the middle of the room. then you could also see the tv from the kitchen too. excited for you guys and can't wait to see how you decorate!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. Yup- this is exactly what I was thinking when I read this!

      Exciting stuff Kristen... love the lanai doors!

  2. Wow-wee!!! How exciting!! I live for looking at floor plans, hehe, so thank you for including them!! I feel like in front of one of the windows wouldn't be toooo much of a sacrifice...we had ours set up like that last summer and it was definitely doable. What furniture are you getting rid of??? Everything you have is gorgeous!!! Happy Friday =)

  3. FREAKING GORGEOUS. congrats lady! ...and I would put the TV against the wall the faces the kitchen. then you can use a sectional/couch to kind of divide up your space a bit. (I would hate to lose a window to a TV!)

  4. Oh my gosh those doors in the kitchen are glorious!

    It might be weird but I would see if you could put the tv on the wall the couch is (not the window wall), and have the couch face that. Then, so you don't look at the back of the couch from the kitchen/dining area, put a sofa table with some accessories behind the couch. I love the molding on the stairway wall, so I wouldn't want to interrupt that, and I hate putting things in front of windows.

  5. Love the home, so excited for you.
    The TV placement is a tough one. I think I would put it at that wall anyway. Couldn't you just have a custom little cut out to set the TV in to make it flush with the wall? There's only a closet on the other side right?
    Regardless, I love the house!

  6. Hello gorgeous! Looks like a nice place to live!

  7. Oh my word! You are so lucky to get to be involved with the planning stage of your own home. Looks absolutely amazing!

  8. Looks fabulous and how exciting to see it built from the ground up

  9. So exciting!! Can't wait to see it when it is actually built!

  10. Oh my Lordy, it's going to be gorgeous!! Congratulations xx


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