By now it's pretty clear that I am loving brass accents.  I am just constantly so torn on brass in the kitchen. I seriously couldn't take the plunge in my last one and ended up never getting any hardware.  I mean, lets be real, all of these kitchens are amazing. I love the warmth the brass brings to all of these white spaces.  I just fear that once they are in I won't like them, or will grow tired of them and wished I would have gone safer. 

All that brass topped off with a brass accented white Viking is pretty perfect in my book. How do you feel about the brass trend? How about the idea of a colored range?


  1. I can't get enough of brass! Love the look, especially in the kitchen.

  2. Brass is so beautiful. Love it with white cabinets. It's hard to imagine it ever going out of style but if you really love it I say go for it! :)

  3. I like modern brass (i.e. not eighties) because it feels like gold jewelry (which is my favorite anyway!). Good luck deciding!!

  4. i am loving brass right now. i think it looks so good in a kitchen with white cabinets. i'm sure if you got sick of them in a few years, you could sell the knobs and just replace them.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. After being a home owner in the 90's when brass was the rage and when I say brass, I mean super ugly brass-like fixtures...I don't think I will ever like it again.

  6. I love brass right now too and that stove is amazing! I think hardware is so easy to change out so why not go brass, if you end up hating it then change it again.


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