Oh the pains of house hunting!  It seems so difficult to have all of your wants all come together in one home. Each place will have a few things on the check list, but lack in other areas.  I guess it's a matter of figuring out your non negotiable's and what you are willing to sacrifice on. 

On paper this house was pretty perfect.  Cute curb appeal, a functional floorplan, 5 bedrooms, and a pool in the backyard with a vintage diving board.  It needs to be gutted from top to bottom, which isn't a bad thing my eyes, but all of that went to the wayside when I saw the rest of the neighborhood. NON NEGOTIABLE.
This place was new construction, has all the bells and whistles, but has practically no backyard and is much smaller. Plus high HOAs and taxes make it pretty pricy.  But after seeing the first neighborhood I'm thinking high HOA's might be a good thing...

OH decisions, decisions.....

What are your must haves and non negotiable's when picking a place to live?


  1. That floor is so gorgeous! I think location is super important, but don't listen to me as I've never bought a house before! Just follow your heart and be patient, the right place will come along soon!

  2. that's a shame as the first house does look and sound great, I am with you though.. if the rest of the neighbourhood is not good then its a solid pass.... NEXT lol

    I hope you find your perfect place soon :)

  3. House hunting is never fun!


  4. Must have: a fireplace, a big yard, front porch, basement, big windows and a low price tag ;)

  5. we were adamant about having a yard for our dogs...I think that's what really made it hard, especially in the area we were looking. And neighborhood is absolutely essential! I wish you two all the luck.

  6. I know I remember going house hunting with my friends in Seattle and it was exactly as you described. I was shocked when they finally found something. Oh yeah those pesky taxes they are SUPER high in NY. My other friends live upstate and pay $900 a month in taxes on what is technically a one bedroom house. Nuts.


    Dressing Ken

  7. Husband and I have moved many, many times
    I found that I could make pretty much any house a home
    The important things for us were always school districts for resale and what kind of neighbors would we have.

  8. I'm so excited to hear about your house hunting adventures! That kitchen looks amazing - I'm excited to see what place you end up picking!


  9. I've been living in dungeons after dungeons so the next pad would have to have incredible natural light! Makes ALL the difference in the world, all the better to show off some fabulous furnishings! Can't wait to see what you decide....eeeek how exciting!

    Thank you for the blog visit love! Would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. I'm getting a garage in my next place! And the neighborhood is EVERYTHING. I'll do smaller in a nicer hood than the reverse. I just like things to look nice when I walk down my street.

  11. Yes HOAs can be such a good thing!

  12. That kitchen, holey moley, beautiful!!

  13. How did I totally miss that you are moving??? Your place now is so pretty, I'm really excited to see what you do with your next one! Oh and for me I have to love the neighborhood and feel totally safe there. The house I can fix but the neighborhood I can't do anything about. But with the house, it does have to be "fixable". A layout that either totally works or would be really easy to make work with minimal wall removals. Anyways those are the main things I'll be focused on when we finally go house hunting. Best of luck to you- I know the search can get so discouraging.

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  15. I know I commented, but it isn't showing? Go for the best location...you can fix almost anything else.

  16. Oh my, we are JUST starting to look into house hunting. Granted none of the houses here even compare to the ones you are looking at. I think we will end up finding an older home with great bones and curb appeal and have to renovate the inside.

  17. Buy the second one for that tile alone!


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