Nothing says summer more to me than warm nights and fun get togethers. Did you see how cute Anthro's movie night was?  I def think a party like this needs to happen once we are in our new house! 

What's your idea of the perfect summer night?



Another day another Friday.  Slowly but surely summer is passing and before you know it fall will be among us. Speaking of Fall, take a looks at LV's newest model for their 2013 Fall ready to wear line. Couldn't be happier with their choice.  There's just something about Michelle....

Gahhhh no one rocks a pixie like she does.  What are your weekend plans?



By now it's pretty clear that I am loving brass accents.  I am just constantly so torn on brass in the kitchen. I seriously couldn't take the plunge in my last one and ended up never getting any hardware.  I mean, lets be real, all of these kitchens are amazing. I love the warmth the brass brings to all of these white spaces.  I just fear that once they are in I won't like them, or will grow tired of them and wished I would have gone safer. 

All that brass topped off with a brass accented white Viking is pretty perfect in my book. How do you feel about the brass trend? How about the idea of a colored range?



I kind of can't stop thinking about them.  I think my next house NEEDS some rustic herringbone wood planks. 




 How do you feel about a little herringbone in your life?  Are you down with the rustic?



 Summer is in full force and with the heat I tend to go for lighter meals. One of my favorite parts about the season?  Sweet peaches. I've been making this peach salad for the past few years. SOOOO good.

What are some of your go to summer meals?




Happy Weekend Lovelies. I'm kind of feeling a picnic coming on.  Hopefully I can squeeze one in sometime over the weekend.  Perhaps while crossing a thing or two off my LA Bucket List??

What are your plans looking like?




I think I need this car. Like seriously.  Can't you just see this little face looking out the passenger window?




Is anyone else as Kimono obsessed as I am this summer?  I feel like they are the perfect Boho topper to any outfit this season.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect one. Perfect as in, adorable and affordable.  No luck yet.





Add this to my wish list please. An airstream office?!  I NEED. 

Check out more in this months issue of Rue Mag. 




I am the queen of boredom. It's really quite bad, but I so often find myself in a rut and looking for a way to change things up. I often forget that I am from a place that a lot of people travel to for fun. So how can I possibly be running out of things to do?!  One of my besties Tiffany (She's kinda a big deal on Vine, check her hilarious videos out) and I decided to make a bucket list of all the things that we somehow have not done, and want to do in LA this summer. Why not play tourist in our own backyard? Other people seem to like it. Of course I'm bringing all of you guys along for the ride with photos and reviews. Here's a list of things to get done in the next few months:


Drinks at the Chateau Marmount
Hike to the Hollywood Sign
Griffith Observatory
Dancing at the top of the W
Pool day at The Roosevelt or The Standard
Movie night at Hollywood Forever Cemetary
Hike Runyon Canyon

What else do you guys want to see and do?  Any other SoCal locals have an suggestions?



So in my world there is the idea in my head of what I want my style to be like, and then there is reality. Since selling my house I've taken sometime to focus a bit on myself, rather than my home, and my wardrobe is next on the list of things to tackle.  

This girl is the epitome of bohemian, effortless and feminine.  Exactly what I love.

I kind of really want this skirt. What is on your style wishlist this summer?



Sometimes a picture alone can say a thousand words, and sometimes words can completely change a picture.  I'm kind of in love with Jen Gotch's Polaroid collection. I mean isn't the second picture so much prettier now that you know it was taken in Paris?!

What's inspiring you lately?



Oh the pains of house hunting!  It seems so difficult to have all of your wants all come together in one home. Each place will have a few things on the check list, but lack in other areas.  I guess it's a matter of figuring out your non negotiable's and what you are willing to sacrifice on. 

On paper this house was pretty perfect.  Cute curb appeal, a functional floorplan, 5 bedrooms, and a pool in the backyard with a vintage diving board.  It needs to be gutted from top to bottom, which isn't a bad thing my eyes, but all of that went to the wayside when I saw the rest of the neighborhood. NON NEGOTIABLE.
This place was new construction, has all the bells and whistles, but has practically no backyard and is much smaller. Plus high HOAs and taxes make it pretty pricy.  But after seeing the first neighborhood I'm thinking high HOA's might be a good thing...

OH decisions, decisions.....

What are your must haves and non negotiable's when picking a place to live?



In honor of Lolas 7th birthday I thought I'd share 7 fun facts about her:

1. Lola loves her pink hair.  How do I know?  Everywhere we go tons of people (especially little girls) stop to pet her and tell her how cute she is.  Being the ham that she is she eats it up.

2. She was a really sick puppy.  Day 2 of having her she became hippo glycemic, stopped eating, and couldn't walk straight. $2,000 later she was brought back to life and was VERY finicky for the next year. Being 1lb was tough.

3. She's a little snobby.  It's true- this whole Blogger celebrity thing has gotten to her head.  I drove her through Starbucks the other day and the barista asked if they could give her a doggie biscuit. She looked at it like "A Biscuit?  Who do you think I am?" So embarrassing I felt like I should eat it to make the Barista feel better.

4. She doesn't know how to run. She hops like a bunny instead, with her two front paws glued together

5.  Under her fur she is pink with little brown spots like a cow.

6. Lola is anti doggy social.  She seriously tries to attack any and all other dogs.  Makes for some super embarrassing moments at the dog park.

7. She is highly allergic to bee's.  We found this out after she ate one.

Happy Birthday Lola!



 Happy 4th of July!!  I'm spending my day today celebrating how proud I am to be American, so I'll leave you with a few pictures from our stop over in Julian, CA.  A town  known for it's apple pies, I mean, what's more American than that?!

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