Palm Springs has it's fair share of great boutique hotels, and now having stayed at The Parker, Ace, and Viceroy, I think Viceroy will probably be our new spot. From the beautiful grounds, stylish decor, and amazing hospitality, it really sets the stage for a relaxing and romantic scene.  

The hotel itself is very easy to miss, in fact we passed it on the way in and had to turn around.  Look for the small sign, yellow doors, and valet man out front.

 How can you not love a place who's logo is a dog?!  I mean....

Nestled along the foothills the adult only pool (one of three) feels like a relaxing oasis.  You know, until Lola see's another dog and starts yapping. (SORRY!)

Don't you just love that awkward couple who just can't keep their hands of each other? Talk about a photo bomb. 
Even Lola couldn't help but to stare. 
 I swear, the rafts make any pool fabulous.  My favorite thing to do.
 While the rooms where not over the top luxurious, you def could see all the Kelly Wearstler influence. It was all in the details and I love that.

Midnight dessert in bed. UM YES. 

 Our next visit will probably be spent in one of these little bungalows.

 I mean who wouldn't want to call this home for a night or two?!
Lola def make herself comfortable.


  1. Stunning place! I want to move in!

  2. looks like an amazing time! Loving their logo and those lanterns hanging from the chains! and sadly for me the touchy-feely couple is my bf's dad and his new gf. not cool :/

  3. this place looks amazing and now i am dying for a weekend trip! love the styling of the rooms too. and yikes to that couple in the pool haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
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  4. This hotel looks adorable! I was just in Palm Springs but stayed at the Rancho Los Palmas. Will look into staying at this place next time!


  5. SO gorgeous! The weather looked amazing :) And Lola looks like she got some rest and relaxation in :)

  6. What these pictures are great! The hotel is so cool and it's look like you had an amazing, relaxing weekend!

  7. OMG I need to come here! Those bungalows look gorgeous and I don't suppose they come with private pool? You know to avoid those awkward loved up photo bombing couples LOL!


  8. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous place! I'm already planning my next vacation and I think a little hotel indulgence is in order :)



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