One of my favorite things about Palm Springs is all the amazing Mid Century architecture.  I knew this trip I wanted to take some time to explore the area and see some of the fabulous design that the city has to offer.  In doing some research online I found Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway.  It's one of the best examples of a Mid Century residence built by Palm Springs socialites, The Alexanders.  It is also the home where Elvis spent the first year of marriage to Lisa Marie. I was really quite intrigued reading all about it's history here. I didn't realize you could actually tour the estate until now, so that is def on the list for next time!

While the home from the street was cool, what I really fell in love with was the entire nieghborhood. It was then that I found my future weekend home. ( You know, once I have an extra $1,000,000 laying around).

 It's pink and powder blue! And Mid Century! And looks like the most fun design project ever.  I'm picturing Jonathan Adler meets Shabby Chic, with a fabulous pool out back.  Can't you just see me and Lola dressed like Twiggy, throwing fabulous weekend soiree's here? ONE DAY....

And hello-- my weekend house has to be on Lola Street. 


  1. ahhh my DREAM would be to have a ranch style mid-century home near a beach. when i find my extra $1 mil laying around too, we can be neighbors! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $75 anthropologie giveaway

  2. I think my dream home would be beachfront property similar to Jackie's full of color but liveable pieces :)


  3. Lola street! How cute. Love these beautiful and real pictures. What an exquisite house

    XO Jenna :)

  4. LOL, Jonathan Adler meets Shabby Chic is so right! What a fun house!

  5. I want to come hang out with you and Lola in this fab house and dress like Twiggy too!


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