Every time we return from vacation we always say, "We totally should have brought Lola!" She's is going to be 7 this July and she had still never been anywhere with us. Once I thought about how old she was I got kind of sad and felt like a horrible mother for letting her live 7 whole years without a change of scenery so we thought a two day trip to Palm Springs would be the perfect spot. Although she did have her moments, overall Lola did really well and I think she'll be tagging along more often.

Palm Springs is beyond dog friendly and she was able to come with us everywhere. Every restaurant we encountered had an outdoor patio we could eat on with plenty of misters to keep cool. The first night we tried leaving her in our room so we could grab dinner, but the second the door closed she literally SCREAMED bloody murder. Like you would have thought she was being tortured! So of course she tagged along.

The Viceroy was so welcoming. They even gave her a souvenir dog bowl! Def a place I'd recommend. More on that tomorrow!

Have you traveled with your dog before? What are your favorite dog friendly places?


  1. Awwwwwww!!!! She looks like the perfect vacationer! Love her pics seeing the sites =) I'm amazing at how dog-friendly you say everywhere was! It's not that way in MO or AK! If we go anywhere, and know we won't be there for long, we take the pups for the ride anyway...we really have separation anxiety with our furry babies!

  2. Ahhh the Viceroy is such a gorgeous spot! I didn't know they were dog friendly! That is awesome! These pics are beyond words. Lola should be a doggie model. Not kidding! She is such a little dreamboat!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  3. Lola is so freaken fabulous! I can't stand it!!!!! lol
    I've taken my yorkie Tobi on a trip to Kelowna, BC (wineries, lake, and hot weather galore) for some fun in the sun and to visit family..and he was..ok. He didn't enjoy the long car ride there (about 4 hours), but once we got there I think he enjoyed himself. I think he gets really anxious around new areas...which didn't help. We haven't travelled with him since though.

  4. I love you! LOL, seriously! So cute! And a souvenir dog bowl too!
    That's why I want a little dog so badly, so I can take it along everywhere, even the airplane to take the baby home with me to Germany. My cats won't allow a dog and they aren't the traveling kind :( LOL such divas. I miss the happy face of a dog when you just take it for a ride!

  5. Hey, but I still love my cats, don't get me wrong!

  6. I cannot stand how adorable these pictures are! She is such a cute little dog. I wish my dog was that little so I could take him with me. He's a golden retriever/collie mix, so yeah we don't take him anywhere.

    Mostly Lisa

  7. oh my goodness - looks like lola had a great vacation! my doggies haven't got to travel much especially since there are two of them but I think they'd love a little weekend getaway. love how lola claimed the whole bed haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $75 anthropologie giveaway

  8. how cute is she on that big old bed!
    went to Palm Springs for the first time in Oct.
    really enjoyed it

  9. Oh my gosh - Lola's vacation cam is adorable! No wonder you take so many pictures of her - she's too cute!

  10. Looks like Lola had a blast! We used to take Dylan with us to Palm Springs on occasion, with one really memorable trip to The Viceroy where the three of us lounged out under the stars by the pool one night enjoying a late night snack. It's one of my favorite memories with him. He used the bowl they gave us with his name on it for every meal thereafter. I still have it.

  11. What a cool place, and it looks like Lola loved her first trip! It kills me how cute she is- every time I look at her pics I want to go dye both my dogs' hair pink- even though both are boys!

  12. Lol Lola is doing some REAL sightseeing! These photos made me laugh, she is too darn cute!

  13. hi, thanks for visiting my blog; your puppy is so, so cute! love her little pink hairdo! glad she enjoyed her little vacation!!! love your blog!!!

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