DOING.what.YOU.know.--WE MOVED!


Growing up my mother flipped houses. The entire family would pack up, move into a house, and year or two later do it all over again. Since my mom was a stay at home mom, it was her way of bringing in a second income. A pretty good one at that.  My mother has a way of really making a house a home and home decor and real estate has been a huge part of my life since I was young.  What's funny is I never really thought about it. I thought everyones mom's were like that.

Looking back I realize that in all of the moves we made, it taught me one of life's best lessons-- Home is where the family is.  It can be anywhere.  Once you bring your things, and decorate it the way you love, and your family is there, any place will feel like home.  I have brought this motto with me from nice homes, to  apartments, and everything in between.

Your twenties are a tricky time.  It's the time you really figure out what you are going to do, who you are going to be, and where you are going to start.  It is also the time when you feel like you should be soooo much more accomplished, yet have know idea what you are doing. In my years perusing acting, and going to film school, and chasing dreams, I think part of me was fighting the inevitable- DOING WHAT YOU KNOW. I know real estate, I know flipping houses, I know home decor. I LOVE all of these things--- so why am I fighting it?

As many of you have been following along, you know my husband and I recently purchased our first home and have poured soooo much love into it. It was never supposed to be our forever home, but a stepping stone in getting where we eventually wanted to be. At the same time, the plan was for it to be at least a 5 year home. The SoCal real estate market is kind of insane right now and after more than one realtor phone call about people interested in purchasing our (not for sale) home, we realized that it didn't necessarily need to be our 5 year home after all.  And just like that 30 days later we are back with parents on the hunt for another home!  Through all this I have brought with me the lessons of home and family that I have learned as a child and am VERY excited to see where our new home will be.  We have our eye on a few new communities-- so hopefully you will follow along and see where we end up next!
OH, we have a home, we just need a house to put it in

Some people don't get it.  Some people think we are crazy, yet if you know me and my family well-- you'd say "Oh she's just a chip off the 'ol block!".


  1. Wow what a crazy little tale! I'm sure it will be a wonderful opportunity for you. How exciting! You guys have guts.

  2. wow so crazy and exciting. amazing that your house basically got scouted - congrats! good luck on finding a new place and can't wait to see your new renovations and projects! (and take me with you because our current house is driving us nuts! :))
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Woah! Shocker! I wish you guys all the best with your house adventures! I know you will do an amazing job with whatever you guys decide next. Such a cute photo, she looks kind of sad though :(

  4. You poured a lot of love into that house and now someone will enjoy it - you will do the same with your next :)

  5. OMG that has to be the cutest picture of Lola I have seen yet! Well if someone made you an offer you could not resist and you guys made a substantial profit...what's not to get. Though surprising in this economy. Good luck with your hunt! So funny you are in SoCal I thought you were in Florida for some reason.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  6. Always, always go with your gut. It will never steer you wrong. Good for you guys getting out there and taking this bold step. Good things will come of it I'm sure.

  7. Okay...so I went through a major phase of wanting to be a flipper! But I know now that Ethan would never do it (his family did a ton of moving (like monthly)) and he wants roots whenever we get back to MO. But this is soooo amazingly cool!!!! Like, I'm kind of jealous at how cool you are/this is! I totally get the "doing what you know." I'm trying to do that myself!! I can't wait to see another house-turned-gem by you (and heck, it's like a dream getting to decorate over and over and over!)!!! Good luck! Start with the bedrooms first this time ;) hehe

  8. Agree with Erin! Your gut will always pave the right path for you. I've always been fascinated with people who flip homes...seems so bold and savvy.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  9. You are your mother's daughter for sure! Just keeping it interesting! Love you guys!

  10. My husband and I moved every 3 years the first 15 years we were married!
    I mean moved to new states and cities
    We have moved twice since we have been here the last 18 years.
    Hoping to move only one or two more times in my life :0)

  11. How awesome!!! Congrats on an easy sell (even if not expected)! Good luck and can't wait to see what happens next!

  12. This is craziness, but happy craziness of course! And you summed up the twenties perfectly :) can't wait for your next step to unfold!

  13. That's so cool. I can't wait to see how you decorate your new home. Congrats on the sell!!!

  14. So excited you and your husband. Good luck in your search. I know your next house will be even more beautiful as the first.


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