So a few months back, everyone was running around freaking out about the fact the Google Reader was disappearing in July and everyone needed to switch over to BlogLovin.  Well at the time it was all too over whelming for me to comprehend so I ignored it, because July is in forever.  So now here I am a few days away from losing all my followers freaking out....

Now back to regular programing...

I had learned about Salvation Mountain through various other bloggers and knew that my next trip to Palm Springs would call for a little detour.  It was pretty hot (110 degrees!)  and def off the beaten path but I am glad we got the chance to stop. There was only one other couple there, probably because not many people enjoy that kind of heat, but it was cool to have the place to ourselves.  To learn more about Salvation Mountain go here.  

Def a hidden gem to check out if you're in California. What are your weekend plans?  Going anywhere fun?



One of my favorite things about Palm Springs is all the amazing Mid Century architecture.  I knew this trip I wanted to take some time to explore the area and see some of the fabulous design that the city has to offer.  In doing some research online I found Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway.  It's one of the best examples of a Mid Century residence built by Palm Springs socialites, The Alexanders.  It is also the home where Elvis spent the first year of marriage to Lisa Marie. I was really quite intrigued reading all about it's history here. I didn't realize you could actually tour the estate until now, so that is def on the list for next time!

While the home from the street was cool, what I really fell in love with was the entire nieghborhood. It was then that I found my future weekend home. ( You know, once I have an extra $1,000,000 laying around).

 It's pink and powder blue! And Mid Century! And looks like the most fun design project ever.  I'm picturing Jonathan Adler meets Shabby Chic, with a fabulous pool out back.  Can't you just see me and Lola dressed like Twiggy, throwing fabulous weekend soiree's here? ONE DAY....

And hello-- my weekend house has to be on Lola Street. 



Palm Springs has it's fair share of great boutique hotels, and now having stayed at The Parker, Ace, and Viceroy, I think Viceroy will probably be our new spot. From the beautiful grounds, stylish decor, and amazing hospitality, it really sets the stage for a relaxing and romantic scene.  

The hotel itself is very easy to miss, in fact we passed it on the way in and had to turn around.  Look for the small sign, yellow doors, and valet man out front.

 How can you not love a place who's logo is a dog?!  I mean....

Nestled along the foothills the adult only pool (one of three) feels like a relaxing oasis.  You know, until Lola see's another dog and starts yapping. (SORRY!)

Don't you just love that awkward couple who just can't keep their hands of each other? Talk about a photo bomb. 
Even Lola couldn't help but to stare. 
 I swear, the rafts make any pool fabulous.  My favorite thing to do.
 While the rooms where not over the top luxurious, you def could see all the Kelly Wearstler influence. It was all in the details and I love that.

Midnight dessert in bed. UM YES. 

 Our next visit will probably be spent in one of these little bungalows.

 I mean who wouldn't want to call this home for a night or two?!
Lola def make herself comfortable.



Every time we return from vacation we always say, "We totally should have brought Lola!" She's is going to be 7 this July and she had still never been anywhere with us. Once I thought about how old she was I got kind of sad and felt like a horrible mother for letting her live 7 whole years without a change of scenery so we thought a two day trip to Palm Springs would be the perfect spot. Although she did have her moments, overall Lola did really well and I think she'll be tagging along more often.

Palm Springs is beyond dog friendly and she was able to come with us everywhere. Every restaurant we encountered had an outdoor patio we could eat on with plenty of misters to keep cool. The first night we tried leaving her in our room so we could grab dinner, but the second the door closed she literally SCREAMED bloody murder. Like you would have thought she was being tortured! So of course she tagged along.

The Viceroy was so welcoming. They even gave her a souvenir dog bowl! Def a place I'd recommend. More on that tomorrow!

Have you traveled with your dog before? What are your favorite dog friendly places?
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