Spring is in full effect in SoCal and I just can't get enough of my garden.  It is seriously so amazing to me when you think about it.  All of these plants are living things,  they are completely dependent on me to feed and care for them (Just like Lola and Love), and in return they shower me with beautiful blooms. It really is such a gratifying thing.
It's crazy to think that in winter all of these bushes were merely twigs that looked lifeless. 

The little buckets can't get enough of all this California sunshine. My mini roses are the epitome of cuteness. 

These babies are dying to reach the sky.  There were literally about 3 inches tall when I got them. 

My Jasmine vine has finally wrapped itself around my porch.  So crazy how she knew just what I wanted her to do.  And have you spelled Jasmine in springtime?! One of my favorite things. 

I bought this hydrangea bush in March and it was a pitiful three leaves.  She finally has her first bloom!
I spent my sunday around the house, really taking in all the beauty and love I have poured into it these last few months.  Now back to the grind.  Happy Monday Loves!  What was your weekend like?


  1. It rained here all weekend, but I didn't mind because my flowers needed it. Your garden is beautiful. I love all the different varieties you planted. I planted a hydrangea bush as well. Can't wait for those big, beautiful blooms. Hope you have a great week!

  2. so pretty! we finally got out in the yard and worked on sprucing it up a bit and it really is so satisfying to see how your hard work can make your yard so much prettier. love all your pretty flowers!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. Love your garden too and all the pretty pink blooms.
    I have a pretty green-ish thumb but I have never gotten my hydrangeas to bloom which is really annoying me ;)

  4. Such beautiful photos I love it when people share images from their gardens :)

  5. I wish I had a garden! These flowers are beautiful!

  6. Beautiful! I so love that you are sharing all your garden's glory with us...I need those happy blooms desperately!!

  7. So wonderful!! Its lovely!! We have our magnolia tree blooming and that for me is paradise....also my roses are amazing! You are right....its so nice to enjoy all that hard work of gardening right? xx

  8. I just love your garden! It's so beautiful!

  9. Pretty garden !
    Ugh your blog makes me want to have a house already and decorate like crazy : )
    You're so blessed.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  10. You're garden is too beautiful! The hard work has definitely paid off :)

  11. So much time and energy can go into pulling both an inside and outside of a new home together and I get it- I do the same, walk around and look at all the progress we've made. It's pride of ownership in it's simplest terms, though I argue that you can have that feeling even in a small apartment you take the time to really make yours. Your garden looks so soft and welcoming- surely a place you'll spend a lot of time in over the next few months to come.

  12. So beautiful! I've started to fall in love with nature and the outdoors lately, especially gardens and landscaping. Can not wait to get my own place and try out this green thumb!


  13. Will you come over and make me a garden? So pretty!

  14. There really is nothing better than spring. Everything is in bloom, the air is warm and we have sunny summer to look forward to!

  15. oh hydrangeas
    they are my favorite
    mine are just getting the green little bunch of buds
    can't wait until they open up

  16. i miss having a garden SO much...it looks really beautiful!

  17. You have a lovely garden :) I really want a beautiful garden...one day!! In the meantime, can I come hang out in yours ;) XO Brynn


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