Look who got to visit Grandma at work the other day!  I made the trip to LA for the day and decided to stop by and see my Mom at work.  Lola fit right in.
I made my way downtown to pick up some yummy fabric for a project I'm working on.  Is it just me or does yards of pretty velvet just make you ridiculously happy?!
What color velvet would you prefer?


  1. OMG stop it with this cuteness!!!! I noticed there are already photos of her posted on the cube so she really does fit right in! I like the pale pink velvet xo

  2. Love her do!
    And I think I like the light blue velvet or of course pink ;)

  3. Most any big rolls of fabric makes me giddy! My mom and I went to a warehouse for a local store when I was home and it was so.fun. walking through and feeling everything (even finding a little something as well!). LOVE velvet. I have a pink velvet chaise waiting for me and...now I'm craving something in that perfect blue! And of course, Lola is ADORABLE!

  4. lola is such a cutie! love all these fabric choices, but i'd probably go for the pink. excited to see what your project is!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com
    -- vote - shoe styling contest

  5. adorable little lola :) And, oh yes! Gimme, gimme...I'll take that entire bolt of blush velvet ;) XO Brynn

  6. so cute
    i love velvet in any color, but those soft blues and pinks get me everytime


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