With summer on the horizon I can't help but get a little wanderlust.  In years past-- lets talk way past-- like pre marriage past-- this was the time of year to travel.  There was always some sort of trip I'd been waiting all year for. If my life were a fairy tale this is what summer 2013 would look like:

I'd kick the season off in Palm Springs where I'd pretend to be a hipster, soak up all the mid century architecture, and work on my tan.

That tan I was working on last month was in preparation for July's beach vacay.  Hawaii would do. 

The entire month of August would be spent drinking tea and talking with a fancy accent.  London just feels right.

What place would be better to spend your anniversary that Pari?! I'd take it.

By October I think I'd be ready to call it a wrap and head home to most likely still sunny California.
Oh, and all of my photos would look as ridiculously beautiful as Max Wangers. See more here

Where are you dreaming of this summer? Or better yet, make me really jealous, and tell me where you are actually going.


  1. I love this post! I'm dying to get to Greece!

  2. LOL, your dream summer looks fabulous! Mine is pretty packed but no need to get jealous. It's not really relaxing to travel with kids. But I wouldn't want it any other way.
    We are headed to Smith Mountain Lake VA, Avalon NJ beach and Germany for a month like every summer.
    I wish we could make it to an island one of these years.

  3. That would be an amazing summer. I would LOVE to go all of those places. I'm thinking the Palm Springs trip is quite feasible.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. That would be a fabulous summer! I think I'd get homesick after a month, so I'd have to split those locations over a few summers. London and Hawaii are woooonderful, and one of my college friends told me I'd LOVE Paris hehe. As for realistic traveling, I am thinking of convincing the husband to take a weekend trip to Homer, AK. It's on the tip of the Kenai Peninsula and I just know it'd be a real Alaskan adventure ;)

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  6. Well, I think I will just follow you! Sounds like a perfect travel agenda :) XO Brynn


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