Remember that package from Nicaragua I received last week?  This beautiful hand made hammock makes me so happy. The work that went into it had to be insane and it is soooo much prettier than your typical hammock.  I ordered from Hamanica on Etsy and was super happy with the service.  I was expecting about a month for delivery and it came a little early!

So here's the problem.... and it's my stupid fault. I got a little overzealous and HAD to get a two person one.  Only problem is it's way bigger than the space it was intended for.  (No, I didn't measure the space.... amateur move, I know.) Now I'm off to figure out where to put it! 

What are your weekend plans?  Hopefully I'll have a few minutes to lounge on this baby.


  1. this is gorgeous! is a two person hammock just wider? hopefully you get it to fit in somewhere - it's too pretty to not be enjoyed. as for my weekend, i'm going to a bridal shower tomorrow and hoping to hang some art (which i've been saying for weeks...) and get some herbs planted. fingers crossed i have a productive weekend. hope yours is great too!
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  2. AmAzInG! I have an old yucky one but we still use it. I wish I'd have one like this too ;)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sooooo pretty!! I love hammocks! We need one too! I have one made by Venezuelan indians stored away....it used to be my parents. Its very colorful. Enjoy it! There is nothing better than a siesta in a hammock!

  4. It's gorg! I'm dying to have the black and white one, but not sure it will end up working in our space. I agree with Albertina though- there is nothing better than a siesta in a hammock! You'll find a way to make this oversized version work in your space.

  5. Sooo cool. I have been trying to figure that package out, so glad you revealed it today!!

  6. It is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy xo

  7. What a pretty hammock and that is not a common thing
    Have been contemplating getting husband one for Father's Day
    Hope you have a great weekend

  8. Ow wow- It is SO pretty! I hope you find a space to hang it!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  9. Too pretty :) I couldn't imagine all the work that must have gone into it! Hope you find a place for it.

  10. That is so beautiful, I am sure you will find a spot for it. How about in your office :)

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  12. Wow, the prettiest hammock I have ever seen...love!


  13. Ah hammocks bring back memories for me. My grandparents had a hammock, but it was not pretty and dainty like this one. My grandfather worked at Tod Shipyard in Redhook Brooklyn, he brought home super industrial heavy canvas and made one! It lasted for decades!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  14. That hammock is absolutely beautiful! The details are so gorgeous!


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