With Memorial Weekend behind us, we are officially in BBQ season!  There is nothing like this time of year and I am so excited to have my yard together just in time.  I wish I would have taken a before picture for you guys.  Just envisions a rotted brown fence, over grown palms everywhere, with a few Tiki men for ambiance.

 The white fence behind the chiminea was an easy solution to hiding our unsightly trash cans.
 Potted succulents was an affordable way to dress the fence up.

 Remember my star?  An old christmas decoration that I've incorporated into my home all year long.

 My hammock ended up fitting perfectly right where I had envisioned it. I picture the trees growing big one day to canopy over it.
 Those are peaches people!  They should be ready to eat by July :)  We also have lemons and oranges.

My succulents are growing babies!  Did you know they did this?!

The only thing missing? These chairs in front of the fire. 


Table and bench- IKEA
Blue chairs- Cost Plus
Hammock- Etsy



I'd like to start this post off by saying I wish the photos were focused-- but I was busy focusing on the safety of my little animals.

It's been over 3 months since we brought Love into our family and I finally got up the nerve to let Lola and Love interact.  As loving as my Lola is, and as much as I want to believe she is more human than canine, a part of me knows she has animal instincts and I was HORRIFIED that she might try to eat Love if given the opportunity.  I think Lola is now used to having Love in her home, and figured it was safe to let them play under very close supervision.  Lola was on her leash and as soon as she became a little too excited I would make her calm down.

I was sooooo happy and relieved to see that Lola was actually pretty excited to play with Love, wagging her tail, sniffing and playfully following her around. Love actually surprised me by charging at Lola full speed and trying to bite her face!  It really was a sight to see. While they will never be together without close supervision, I feel like this was a step in the right direction.




My go to gift for graduates is always money.  When you are just starting out it really helps to get a little kick start with a few extra $'s in the bank. (I mean, graduates are most likely about to be unemployed at least for a little bit, or maybe that was just me!) While the gift is always the same, I like to mix it up with the cards and gift wrap.  In case you didn't know- Tassels are in. Not only are they in- but hello!! Perfect for keeping with the graduation theme. 

 Why not put the cash in something a little unexpected?  An envelope is so predictable.

Remember that adorable Mothers Day Card I got my Mom from Treat?  Well my sister received one from a guest at her graduation party as well!  So stinkin cute. These really are cards people are excited to receive.  Check out more graduation cards from Treat.  They'd be great for Father's Day as well!



Over the holiday weekend my baby sister graduated from California State University Fullerton. We celebrated following the ceremony with a party at my parents house. Tons of family and friends showed up and made it a truly special event. 

My mom did a great job with the decorations.  While my mom and I are a little over the top girlie, my sister on the other hand likes things a little more simple. She did just that with the decorations- understated flowers, a clean white palette, and pops of blue-- (Because she's obsessed with Dr. Who)
Cake by Mas Cakes

Congratulations Justinie Weenie! Welcome to the adulthood little sister.



Happy Memorial Day!  Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing day off.  Lola sure is...... Can I be Lola in another life?! Check back later this week for some graduation fun and the reveal of my backyard. 

Sending our love and appreciation to those who put their life on the line everyday for this beautiful place we call home.  YAY America!



I know summer is still about a month away, but as far as I am concerned, once we hit Memorial weekend summer is here! My favorite season!

I found this awesome Boho american flag (I can't find the source, help me out if you know) and am pretty obsessed with it. I feel like it just may be my next DIY. Of course I'd give it my own girly twist.

What are your Memorial Weekend plans?  Has summer found you yet?



Speaking of travel.  Lets Throw Back Thursday it up with the last legit trip I went on. 4 years ago. Yea, I said that, 4 years ago.  

Can I be a newlywed on my honeymoon again? Italy I miss you.

Cinque Terre


10 Corso Como




Vatican City


Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

What was the last trip you went on?
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