What happens when I go shopping when I'm broke?  I come home with a TON of free catalogs! At least I feel like I came home with something pretty, and a new addition to add to my coffee table. 
And can we talk about Restoration Hardware's catalog?!  I seriously asked if I needed to pay for it because it was so massive. AND BEAUTIFUL.

 Gets me wondering what the budget for something like this is?  And how much money is RH making to be able to have a motion picture sized budget for their catalog?!

 Are you a catalog hoarder too?  What are your favorites?


  1. Whoa I need to get that RH catalog asap. Not because I will be purchasing lots of their expensive pieces, but holy gorgeous at the layouts!
    I go through spurts, sometimes collecting, other times wanting my space clutter free with very few magazines/catalogs around.
    Have a great day Kristen xo

  2. i think my perfect evening is sitting down with new magazines...i love them all, i don't even care what...all is interesting to me!

  3. i love everything in restoration hardware too, but it's a little (i.e. a lot) out of my budget. you're right - what are they making that they are producing novel sized free catalogs? i love perusing clothing catalogs too - the free people one is so good.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  4. Ha ha I think so! I love Anthropologie and West Elm!

  5. I am 100% a catalog hoarder! The top thing on my spring cleaning list was clearing out the hoard of mags & catalogs :)

  6. Funny! I do the same with the catalogs. Just tossed a stack that was sitting bedside for several weeks. I think I've gone through them all more than once. I have a love/hate relationship with the RH catalog though... it's very pretty and I admit I love looking at the pictures. But I also remember shopping RH so, so long ago (I painted my entire house out of their paint colors!) when it was a quainter brand with more accessible offerings. I get that it has evolved and is targeting a different buyer these days-- and I'm certainly not the buyer they are after any longer. It's a little in your face for me and it rubbed me a little wrong as we went into a recession to get that expensive to publish catalog in my mailbox.

  7. Love catalogs. The new Madewell is phenom. Also, that photo of Love is just so good. xo

  8. Yes! I definitely hoard Pottery Barn catalogs. I actually found one recently that dates back to 2011. I find them so inspiring and pretty though that just can't toss them!

  9. Wow, the interior in these ones is beautiful. It has a mix of contemporary and traditional, love it and I love Pottery Barn!!


  10. Its hard to throw out that RH one right? and the kids one is to die for!! I keep them for a while and study them and day dream....until one day when I have accumulated more than is healthy I throw them out! I'm dying over this photo with your baby bird! Its such a good one!

  11. Lately I have been hoarding magazines. lol. But I am getting into catalogues. I think this is the little grown up in me wanting to invest in furniture rather than shoes. OK, well shoes are still an investment no matter one's age. ;)



  12. Kristen!!

    What lovely catalogs!! You have elegant taste. Loving the neutral, soft colors. So pretty. And yes...My name is Jenna, and I hoard catalogs ;-)

    Too many to name...lol

    XO Jenna

  13. you are not alone on this dear! I also do a lot of online shopping and putting things in my cart without ever buying them! Ha1, a girl can dream right?!

  14. I adore catalogs and as much as like to surf the web, it doesn't hold a candle to flipping through a catalog


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