It's Friday and I'm finally feeling a little bit normal!  Woohoo! So as much as I hated feeling like death the last 5 days some good came of it.

1. I finally had time to go through some mags and add to my wall.  It's growing! 

2. A Delivery from London finally arrived!  This is the Fall Into London print I won from The Aestate giveaway! Right now she is sitting bedside but once my room is together she will probably go somewhere on the wall. 

3. After 5 days in the same room I was able to really think about how dreadfully boring my bedroom is.  Like no decor at all. I think I now have an idea of what I want for the space.

4. Five days in bed made me realize I have a freakin amazing bed.  The investment in a good mattress and comfy bedding was worth it.  

Looking forward to actually bringing you guys some content next week!  What did I miss while I was gone?  Catch me up!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better! I have some sort of sickness to right now:( Have a good weekend!

  2. I love this idea. I did a post once on using images from magazines and editorials and framing them for wall decor. It is cheap and chic!! Glad you are feeling better, my asthma and allergies are kicking my ass. It is bad here. Think it is the after math of Sandy.

    Ali of


    PS: You going to the Lucky Fabb Conference this fall in NY?

  3. Cute realizations!! Can't wait to see your design sense in action =)

  4. glad you're feeling better. being sick is no fun! our bedroom is super boring too (hence my post today...) so i need to spruce it up too. needs new curtains, art and some prettiness. that print you won is gorge - can't wait to see where you put it!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  5. Have a great weekend, and glad to hear you are feeling well. Love that picture.

  6. Haha - your note about your bed made me laugh - it's SO true! Well worth the investment :) Glad you're feeling better!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  7. I love your wall! So eclectic and fun. Also, glad to hear you're feeling better.

    Your newest follower,
    xo Ami
    a champagne dream

  8. Glad you feel better and I love the print!

  9. I just recently got over the flu myself. Being laid out in bed was awful. In fact it made me miss the king size bed I used to own. Man, I'm looking forward to moving.

  10. OOOhhhhh WOW!
    I wanna have this photo :)
    It looks amazing and wonderful!
    I love the post and also your blog <3
    beautiful work.



  11. great post hon! i just found out your blog an i absolutely loved it!
    I am following now, follow mine back?

  12. Love this! I have been meaning to spruce up my room for a while now but never seemed to get around to it. You room looks great and really cool! :) Lovely blog, now following!


  13. glad you are feeling better!!! also, i agree about bed investments. we left our most expensive amazing bed in the states and i miss it pretty much every day


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