Happy Friday Lovelies!  What is everyone doing this weekend?  No big plans here just going with the flow and hopefully spending some time with family and friends. Since Fridays are great for weekly round ups here's mine:

I need to get my hands on some gold leaf-
This is totally happening in my yard for spring.
And aren't these the prettiest eggs you have ever seen?

Julie Leah introduced me to her.  And I want to be her new bestie.

I really want to win this giveaway.  'Cause every day I'm hustlin'.

Add this place to my Wanderlust list.

I know this is old news- but I still die laughing every time I watch it.

What did I miss this week?!


  1. wow - that lake is so cool! my week has been pretty quiet/lame. the fiancee has been on a golf trip so i just go home after work and lay around with the dogs. no exciting weekend plans either - just catching up on errands and doing dinner with my ladies. i'm HOPING to clean out my closet a bit and go donate some clothes (and then probably buy some new stuff too...) have a great weekend lovely!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  2. Our weekend will be full, then empty, and then kind of empty again, but not as much. Today is going to be wonderful day (our first anniversary!) and we plan on staying in for the usual over the weekend. Hooray for a military training holiday, which gave Ethan a day off today!
    Those gold-leaf projects look amazing; it's so fun to see natural/everyday things glammed up. And don't get me started on that hair "tutorial." Believe me if I ever burnt my hair off, I would not post it on the Internet!!!
    Happy weekend =)

  3. I saw that video on Ellen too. LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I'm in the midst of a double move so my weekend's not looking too hot either :/
    And friggin' Ms. Wintour is a mean machine! She makes me feel like I'm not doing enough! ;D

    Thank you for the blog visit love! Hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. I'm so obsessed with those gold leaf terracotta pots, too!! So perfect for colorful blooms! Thank you for the shout-out, lady!


  6. That coffee looks yummy! Love those gold leaf terracotta pots! I like the idea of scuba diving, but actually doing it terrifies me!

    Not much going on this weekend for me. Homework and reading!

    Love your blog! Want to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?

  7. wish it was friday again...


  8. This weekend I took it easy as I was running around so much during the week. Got a mani though! That coffee looks divine.

    Ali of


  9. I love love love that mug - if I don't win I may just buy it myself! Have a great weekend xo

  10. weekend was great! spend all day with the baby

    $20 Target GC Giveaway

  11. Oh, I love gold leaf on anything! I saw that Easter egg tutorial too, love it!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Kristen!



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