I'm a huge believer in the power of presentation. This includes gifts.  While a beautifully wrapped gift is essential I also do not believe in spending too much money or time on putting it together.  Don't you want to spend as much of the money on the gift itself?  So here is my gift wrap stash and my simple formula for making every gift pretty.  Keeping this stuff on hand makes it super easy for last minute parties. No need to stop off at the store to find cards and gift wrap. 

Essentials include:
1. Plain Boxes
2. Tissue
3. Sequins or Confetti
4. Ribbon/torn fabric scraps
5. Gift tags
6. Fun embellishments

 Stock up on nice boxes when you see or recieve them. I literally buy a lot of my gifts from Anthropologie just because they give you the most perfect free white gift boxes.
As for tissue you can stick with just plain white or mix it up.  I love this metallic foil tissue that I had left over from my pinata DIY. 

I think a sprinkle of confetti is a fun surprise.

Instead of ribbon I'm obsessed with tearing scrap fabric.  It's great because you can use all your left over scraps!  Save some money! 

 Now just add a little embellisment.  I love flowers, bows, crystals, tissue pom poms.  Get creative.
 Top with a fun gift tag.  Bonus points if its homemade.

TA DA! Simple, quick, and pretty. Do you have a gift wrap style? Or are you typically going for a gift bag from Target?


  1. I feel the same way about presentation, these are so beautifully done Kristen! Thank you for the tutorial xo

  2. I love that flower bow! Gorgeous - I'll have to give it a try!

  3. love that flower bow! you have an amazing style, love your blog xxx from spain

  4. Pretty, pretty!! You are the best gift giver! I agree you can give a simple present but if its presented beautifully it makes it all the more special!

  5. Beautiful! The thought of using scrap fabric instead of ribbon has never crossed my mind! Now I have a great reason to save those scraps:)

  6. Looks beautiful! The flower looks so pretty on top of the present. Simple and not overdone. PERFECTION ;)

  7. Wow this really is beautiful. So creative and inspiring.

    Ali of


  8. I agree with you on the power of presentation and I find the process of wrapping a gift to be just as fun as shopping for it. The flowers add such a lovely touch to your packages. I typically tend to combine silver giftwrap with two colors of sheer ribbon for my gifts.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. I so always want to be the girl with the adorable gifting skills but I usually find myself shoving things into a bag as I walk out the door. I love this.

  10. Lovely! I think if I ever got a beautiful present like this, I'd be fearful of opening it!

  11. Great blog with great ideas.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Casual Meets Chic'. I would love to hear what you think of my new tweed skirt and how I styled it.

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  12. these presents look like they were professionally wrapped! they are almost too pretty to open!

  13. these gifts look fabulous! i love your stash of ribbons and colored string! i have a hoarded stash of old ribbons, so this would be a great way to use them. love this :)
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  14. Oh, I love the sequin surprise! I always put confetti in my packages, which is my nephew and niece's favorite part! They're always talking about my 'faerie' dust and love sprinkles.

    Much Love,

  15. I'm obsessed with your ribbon collection! I have a black and white striped roll that is almost out... would you mind sharing where you got them all!?

    Holly Foxen Wells

  16. I love how this looks. That little box is perfect on its own.

  17. ahh, oh my goodness, this is too darn cute. I'm obsessed. xo


  18. woaaaaaw i love the little box :D really really a gift wrap :DNice post and great idea :))
    Im following you now! Mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  19. I LOVE this! You are such a smart lady ;)

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