Last minute visitors? I always have to bring something out for my guests to pick at, and you know it has to look cute as well.  Here's a few things I like to keep stocked in our house just in case.

My husband is greek so feta cheese is always in our refridgerater. Trader Joes sells a great one that comes in a plastic box and brine.  It lasts a pretty long time so you don't have to worry about eating it the day you get it.  Some sort of bread can always be stored in the freezer and heated when needed.  Fresh is always better though.  Gouda seems to be a cheese that a lot of people like so I like to have a block of that on hand as well. My chop block is always being used to serve.  Practical and pretty. 


Hummus is on my shopping list weekly, just because it makes such a great healthy snack, and is perfect for last minute guests.  I swear by Trader Joe's Spicy Hummus.  Next just reach for any cracker or bread on hand, and any veggie in the fridge.  Something about a crunchy cucumber with hummus that I love. Think outside the box when choosing your serve ware.  Here I used a sugar bowl to serve the hummus. 

What are your quick and easy go to's for guests?


  1. I agree I always keep hummus and cheese around to whip up a quick snack in case someone drops by!

  2. I always have a french baguette in the freezer too and of course I can't live without cheese.
    I totally agree that most people like a young gouda, I on the other hand love the aged (really old gouda)...yummy.
    LOVE your spread on the chop block ;)

  3. Cheese and hummus are always my go to appetizers! :)

  4. Let me tell you, when guests come over (just for the evenings, we've only ever had one guest (my sister) stay for days), they bring chips, cheese dip and beer. Every time. I suppose I shouldn't mind because I don't have something grand prepared for them, but I just wish we could get a bit more flexible in that department! Maybe I'll take that first option to heart...cute idea =)

  5. yum - these both look great. i usually have canned artichokes and can whip up a quick artichoke dip. i also love any combo of cheeses and olives. i love tj hummus but haven't try the spicy kind yet.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  6. Cheese and bread is my favorite appetizer by far! Yum yum.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  7. I am feta obsessed. Cheese and wine is the perfect combo if you ask me!

    x Kelsey

  8. Mmm this is making me hungry! Love bread!

  9. Peanut butter on pieces of celery are my emergency offering to guests.

  10. Mmmmm. I like the hummus! It's so lovely because it's one of the best easy appetizers for dinner.


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