Sometimes I feel the need to try and be as freakin fabulous as Lola. 

This sweatshirt kind of does it for me.
 I wonder why....

Happy Easter weekend loves!  Hopefully a little bit of spring finds you in the next few days :)



 Last minute visitors? I always have to bring something out for my guests to pick at, and you know it has to look cute as well.  Here's a few things I like to keep stocked in our house just in case.

My husband is greek so feta cheese is always in our refridgerater. Trader Joes sells a great one that comes in a plastic box and brine.  It lasts a pretty long time so you don't have to worry about eating it the day you get it.  Some sort of bread can always be stored in the freezer and heated when needed.  Fresh is always better though.  Gouda seems to be a cheese that a lot of people like so I like to have a block of that on hand as well. My chop block is always being used to serve.  Practical and pretty. 


Hummus is on my shopping list weekly, just because it makes such a great healthy snack, and is perfect for last minute guests.  I swear by Trader Joe's Spicy Hummus.  Next just reach for any cracker or bread on hand, and any veggie in the fridge.  Something about a crunchy cucumber with hummus that I love. Think outside the box when choosing your serve ware.  Here I used a sugar bowl to serve the hummus. 

What are your quick and easy go to's for guests?



I found this picture on Pinterest today and it kind of has me going crazy.  I need a picket fence and overflowing flowers in my front yard like now.  No, I'm seriously obsessing, I need to try and find a way to make this happen.

Fresh flowers around my house are making me so happy right now.  Has spring made it's way into your life yet?



If I were male, and decided to pursue a career in television, Andy Cohen would be everything I would want to be.  The king of popular culture, and big boss man to all those amusing housewives gave the New York Times a peek into his West Village Apartment.  While it is pretty different from the style I typically lean toward, I still think it is so fun to see how different people live.  You can tell so much about a person by their home.

 See the article here.

Our first peek into his place was a while back with his Closet Confession. Love this guy.



Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

Happy Monday pretty people.  You know what we missed this weekend?  Diffa 2013.  Have you heard of it? I just heard of it this year via Rachel Ashwell's instagram, and it is def added to my bucket list.

Basically in effort to raise funds for Aids research, top designers in the industry come to one place and each design their own dining room.  Each of these dining rooms are on display for people to come see and one night for a hefty chunk of change you can have a seated dinner at one of the tables.

Echo Designs 
Benjamin Moore by David Stark
Habitually Chic was lucky enough to attend.  All photos via Habitually Chic.  Go to her blog to see more!

Have you ever been?



Let me premise this post with NO, I am not having a baby.  Nor do I have baby fever. This was just too good not to share.

Did anyone realize that Restoration Hardware now has a Baby and Child division? There are a few stores popping up around the US and last weekend I made the trip to Santa Monica to check it out.  Ok RH Baby & Child is for the fancy little. Like way fancier than I will probably ever be. I was like a kid in a candy store running around in awe of all the pretty.  It almost made me want a baby. Did I just say that? ALMOST.

Ummm can I have this entire room in my size?!

These chairs are mini sized.  Like for a child.  I died. 

I think my baby will NEED a round crib.

Perfect for a little king. 

AGAIN MINI sized.  I wanted to buy it for Lola because I don't have a child. Would that be crazy?  Yes, I just asked that crazy question. 

Who says boy's are no fun?!
I wanted it for me. 

Has anyone else checked out the store in person?  I was blown away even after seeing everything online before hand.



Oh pinterest how you love to fool me.  How many times do I come across something and go "WHAT?! OMG no way!"  Then I follow the instructions exactly and it's a massive FAIL. I mean, cookie in a cup?  Well I gotta admit, when I saw Albertina pin this simple popcorn trick, I was skeptical. Yea right. Well good thing I gave it a try because my life is changed.  Why would I make popcorn any other way?!

So now that you know how to make guilt free air popped popcorn, here's a yummy recipe I pinned. Can't promise it will work out though ;)

Oh and here are some cute pictures of Love.
And her cute little butt.



So yesterday I mentioned a little shopping that I did this past weekend.  It wasn't so much the things I bought that I wanted to share with you guys but the things I saw. One of my favorite places in the whole wide world to go for a little inspiration pick me up is the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture store in Santa Monica. It is just oozing pretty and everything else I want to be. This location is Rachel's original store with her second California location opening in San Francisco at the end of the month. Road trip anyone?

Lilly Ashwell's clothing line on display in her mothers store. 

Can I just monogram everything I own?
 There is truly nothing like a shabby chic bed.

Cutest doll bed ever. It even had a doll duvet cover and pillows. 

Pillow heaven

Where do you go for a little inspiration? What are your favorite stores?
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