Hey loves!  I'm still in bed feeling like death, but luckily I have a little something special for you guys while I sleep this flu off!  I'm over at Dressing Ken today talking about my approach to decorating and giving you guys a peek into my home!  Check it out :)



The flu has hit and it has hit hard. I was hoping to bring you guys a bunch of fun and intriguing original content this week, but this is pretty much what my life has look like the last few days.  Hope to be back in a day or two. Fingers crossed. 

At least I have some company. 



It's Monday people.  Here's a little something pretty to look at to lighten the mood.

I do not know much about these paintings or the artists who paints them.  I only know that I am incredibly drawn to them.  There is just something about the femininity, innocence, and splash of gold that gets me.  If I had the extra dough to spend I think one of these would be in order. 

 All paintings by Ingrid Van Der Kamp



Hey Loves!  Check me out today over at Tiffany Leigh Interior Design sharing my favourite piece of furniture! Tiffany's blog is one of my daily reads offering tons of design inspiration, diys, and a peek at what it's like to be a design student. If you don't already follow her, do it now :)

 Can you guess which piece of furniture is my favourite?


#TBT My Bridal Shower

I'm kind of Insta obsessed.  One of my favorite things about Instagram?  Throwback Thursday!  I love it so much I'm bringing it to Just A Girl.  Today I'm bringing you guys back to 2009- My bridal shower. My mom put together a Shabby chic inspired tea party and it turned out beautifully.  

Entrance to the shower. 
Extra hats and umbrellas for guests. 
A vintage trough held all my gifts. 

The entire patio was draped in shabby chic fabric. 
A comfy spot to open gifts. 
Tea Bar. 
My favorite flower.
Pretty desserts. 

What I wore: Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture vintage prom dress. 

Game prizes were china tea cups, saucers, decorative sugar cubes, and tea. 

Bridal Party.

All photos via.








Birdcages are no new thing.  They have been in decor forever.  From centerpieces, wallpaper, lamps, you name it, its been done. So what would be the best part of having a bird?  I'd think a fun way to incorporate a pretty birdcage into my decor. WRONG.  Who knew it was so hard to find a beautiful FUNCTIONAL cage?  I love the idea of a pretty vintage cage but everything I seem to find is just for decoration.  Broken hinges, toxic paint, rust, wholes.  
LOVE deserves something as fabulous as all of these so let the hunt commence! 

This cage is perfection.... If only I could find one like this. 
This one was pretty pristine but it sold :(

I'm to hound Etsy.  Anyone know where I might find one?



I decided that I want to be Lisa Vanderpump when I grow up. We both love pink, have little dogs, own restaurants,  have ridiculously romantic husbands, oh and I'll totally have a house just like her one day ;).  At the very least we should be besties.

 For Valentine's Day my ridiculously romantic husband surprised me with a trip to Sur.  For those of you who aren't reality TV obssesed- SUR is owned by Lisa Vanderpump (Beverly Hills Housewife). We enjoyed an expensive candle light dinner then headed over to the lounge. It was super fun to see since we (yes hubby included) watch the show and see it on TV every week.  For those of you who watch, Stassi and Kristen were waiting tables. Her son was working his tail off as well. (LOVE that he isn't afraid of hard work).

The decor was very sophisticated and romantic.  Lots of chandeliers, candles, fresh flowers, white, with a bit of a south asian vibe.  The lighting really made it. Too be honest after using the restroom I felt a little bit like had the lights been on it would not have been nearly as nice.  Am I the only one who always has to check out the restroom of every fabulous restaurant I visit?

Long story short- I had a great experience, but next time I'll skip dinner and just head to the lounge.  Hubby and I don't typically drop $200 on diner, and while the food was good, it wasn't the greatest. The lounge is ultra trendy, has great people watching if you're reality obsessed, and the cocktails are great. I feel like you can still get the whole SUR experience without forking over a ton of money. Def a good idea for a girls night out.

Have any of you guys been to Sur or Villa Blanca?  What was your experience like?



Some days I dream of owning a ginormous, open, loft.  It would be all white and amazing. Almost as amazing as an indoor swing. I think I need one. 






So apparently a lot of people are interested in my opinions on SUR.  Check back tomorrow for my review.

How was everyone's weekend?  Are you enjoying a Monday off?  You know me, restaurant life means working when everyone else is off!
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