Alrighty, things are starting to move around here and little by little things are coming together on the home front.  Curtains are up, not sure how I feel about them, my craft room is looking a little bit more organized, and onto the next!  But I need some help.

So I was able to get my hands on these lovely stained glass windows for free people!  YES. FREE. I don't have any idea what to do with them, but I just couldn't pass them up.  Has anyone seen any cool ideas done with these babies?  Anybody know if it's dreadfully expensive to have them installed if they are the right dimensions?  I'm thinking maybe I could make a outdoor coffee table with the square one.  Too kitschy?? Or should I just hang them in front of my existing window and save the cash?  If anyone has seen any cool art installations using glass I'd love to see.  

Color of the year! Found my splash of emerald. 

How me is this window?  The perfect shade of pink. 

Next up:  A blank canvas.  My powder bathroom is as sterile as they come.  White on white on white with builder grade mirror and all. Looking to spruce this space up a bit.  I'm going to frame and hang my vintage maps and hang this mirror above the sink.  As for the walls? 

 Two options:


OMBRE PAINT.  Using either a dusty blue, pink, mint, or dare I say, navy?

WALLPAPER.  Something either dusty blue, pink, mint, with birds.  I really like birds.

What sounds better to you?


  1. those windows are beautiful.....hmmmm...I will keep an eye out for ideas of what you could do with those. as for your powder...its hard I love both options. My bathroom now is a similar kind of acqua color...but I love that wallpaper too...it depends on the mood you want it to have I guess.

  2. The ombre paint idea is cool but it is VERY trendy. You may tire of it in a few years. Navy is definitely cool I did a post on this but this space my be too small. Perhaps an accent wall with the WP and then a light grey for the walls with white trim and then some gold accents?

    Ali of:


  3. Oh yes, that bathroom is going to be lovely! I'd definitely chose the wallpaper, the wood frame of the mirror would complement it so well! And if you don't get a lot of crazy wind, I would think hanging those windows on the porch would be so.cool. Good luck!! Thanks for sharing these peeks with us!

  4. I think I'm for the wallpaper...I've been on a wallpaper kick lately :) Pink with birds would be such an adorable, feminine powder room, which I absolute intend to have in the future :) Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I use to have stained glass windows in my old apartment, I'm pretty sure you can come up with something gorgeous. Great inspiration pictures. Love the ombre paint.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  6. The after looks great!

    xo Jennifer


  7. Without question wallpaper!!!! It's the first thing I would do if I owned a place!

  8. From what I have seen churches have done impressive things with stained glass windows. You might try looking there for inspiration. I recommend Episcopal churches.

    In all seriousness, I would be curious to see the maps in a bathroom. I've always thought those would look better in an office.

  9. Hi Kristen!

    I love your make-over, Moroccan wedding blankets, and your darling dog Lola!!!xx

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  10. Free stained glass!? Nice score!

    I'm all for wallpaper in the powder room. Can't wait to get out of our rental to do it myself. And I love the one you have pictured!


  11. i was JUST watching a show and pining over stained glass windows, lucky girl!!! and happy new year to you! i've been sluggish about getting back to blogging, but i'm getting there, haha :)

  12. i am so jealous that you got those for free! what a find! i love stained glass windows hung as art...even if you can't get them in an actual sill, they are still pretty on walls!


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