So as I made my way through this months Vogue (Have you ever seen such a hot and fabulous mariachi?) I came across my future daughter's bedroom.  Heck, maybe its just my future bedroom I love it so much.  The color is so perfect I can't take it. Love a girly space that doesn't have to be in your face pink. I envy any little girl who has her own fireplace and how sweet are the hanging horse and dollhouse?! Oh yea, don't even get me started on the painted white floors. 

 Photo by Francois Halard

Gosh I feel pathetic.  This little girl is way cooler than me. Check out more of the house here.


  1. This room is adorbs! loving the wallpaper & rug too. Yels x

  2. I envy any little girl with a Beni on her floor. Very pretty and a color palette I can definitely get behind.

  3. Yes. Bought that mag because I saw that feature. Little kid rooms kill me.

  4. Oh wow- I am legitimately jealous right now too. Child envy!

  5. What a gorgeous little girl's room! I would love for my daughter to have her own fireplace, how fab!!

  6. LOVE all the blue...and that shot of hot pink is perfect for this little suite! Totally pinning!

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    Happy New Year sweets!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  7. That whole house was pretty magical. Looks like the perfect place to grow up!



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