Mathew Williams
 The other day as I was perusing the internet I stumbled across the NY loft of Chassie Post on Bucket and Bunches. And I can't stop thinking about it.

You see, since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with butterflies. It started with cheesy stickers and patches on my backpack, and I like to think that as I have grown older, it has turned to a more sophisticated butterfly. Let's be real, butterflies can go horribly wrong. (IE. massive tramp stamps) But this is an example of butterflies going OH SO RIGHT. Can't you just die?
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Mathew Williams

Melanie Acevedo

Mathew Williams

 I have always been a white walls kind of girl but lately these amazing graphic wallpapers have been swaying me.   And those painted floors!  A girl after my own heart.

As most of you guys know I've taken a 2013 photo challenge.  Follow me on instagram (Kristentheo) to see daily photos of my home. 


  1. Um, is all that shiny goodness from Confetti System? Seriously jelly. And yes, just died all over again for that whimsical goodness. xo

  2. Preeetty. The wallpaper adds quite a bit of elegance, oddly enough.


  3. these rooms are so so pretty. i'm not usually a big butterfly fan, but looooove this wallpaper!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com


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