I have purple curtains---says the girl who's afraid of color.  Only problem is they weren't supposed to be purple.  First thought was to do Navy, then I saw a royal blue bottle of dye and thought it would look a bit dusty if I used half the bottle. WRONG.  So I basically love the way these turned out, if only I actually had purple in my house. Any way, this is a SUPER affordable way to add a punch of style to a space. 

Here's what you need:
Curtain Panels ( Ikea $9.99 for a pair)
RIT dye 
Plastic bag
rubber bands
fabric chalk
measuring tape

I started by measuring how far down the panel I wanted the color to start. I used washable fabric chalk to do this.  I went 2 feet from the top.

I was super adamant that I did not want ANY color on the top.  To avoid drips when dying I covered the top 2 feet of panels with a plastic bag, using a rubber band to secure it in place. 

 Next I prepared the sink and dye according to the bottles directions.

I carefully dipped each panel into the dye for about 30 seconds.  I then moved them to the other side of the sink that had no water. Again, careful not to drip on each others white tops.
 MOST IMPORTANT-  In order to keep the tops bright white I did not wash as the bottle suggests in the washing machine.  Instead I rinse and rung each panel by hand in the sink.

 From there I let them air dry for a few hours by hanging them in the garage.  Once mostly dry  I put them in the dryer for 40 minutes.


BTW now that the curtains are up that cabinet will move.  Probably to its diagonal wall. 

As much as I love them, the purple isn't really working for me.  So here are my options:

See if it grows on me
Dip over them with navy
Dip most of them navy but leave about 6 inches of the purple on top
Buy new curtains and try again with navy



  1. It looks more like periwinkle to me...which I think is so adorable. I can definitely see adding a bit of navy, but I'd leave them up for a while anyways. I think an impressionist painting would be the perfect addition to your whole dining space. And might even make you feel better about the curtains!

  2. Fun! I think you should dip the bottom of the curtains in a very dark inky blue and leave the soft blue/purple color through the middle. I love this color injection in your dining room, so cute. Yels x

  3. I wish had some prior dying experience, but sadly I have none :( I like the idea of trying to re-die with navy if the purple doesn't grow on you...I love me some navy!

  4. Love it. I would leave it alone unless your going for another look. It makes the whole room pop. Now you just need some fake fresh flowers from hob lob to the center of your table & it would look amazing. ;)

  5. They look perfect! nice job!! I do really like that color looks great.
    but if you don't really like it, just try it again with another curtain! they you'll have two and you can change them depending on the occasion :)

  6. leave it for a bit to see if it grows on you....but I'm afraid if isn't your first love then don't push it....I would first try and dip dye in Navy and leave a bit of the purple at the top....that could work....and of course if that doesn't come out right just try again....and maybe try the color on a small piece of cloth first to make sure the color is right. I'm sure you can use these purple panels on many other DIY projects....maybe another fort for Lola? or for placemats? or for wrapping gifts? They won't go to waste....maybe even a shower curtain? add some trim? the sky is the limit

  7. Oh my gosh, I love those!! I think the shade is actually perfect. It's too bad that you aren't crazy about them. What about trying to dye them to a darker shade?

  8. I'm with Albertina - if you don't love the color now you probably won't in the future. I would try navy and leave a little purple, you can always dip them again in just navy if you don't like the contrast. I'm so fascinated by this technique! So pretty!

  9. Im with Albertina, if you dont like them make them into napkins! PS love your dining set:)

  10. I'm also with Albertina! Don't force it! I think the purple is fun and unique, but navy would look fabulous also! I would probably leave a bit of purple with navy to get an ombre effect. Could be cool, but if not, you're not out of too much money, and you can definitely use them for something else! xo

  11. Love this! If the purple doesn't grow on you and doesn't go with any of your decor, I think dye over in navy but they look lovely with the sun shining through! I love your dining set too! x

  12. Cute idea. Dip dye looks good on anything: clothes, hair and apparently curtains as well :)

  13. Oh my gosh - that looks amazing! And you have the most fabulous dining room - so killer!


  14. I actually am loving the purple. I say wait it out a few weeks and see if it grows on you. And then if you decide the purple is not working, do the dip dye again on the same curtain and see if it comes out purple... leaving a little purple at the top. My boyfriend dyed some scarves using RIT this summer and they also came out way lighter than the label said... red turned out pinkish and blue was purple as well. WTF RIT!? Good luck, girlie!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  15. I love them! The purple works so well in the room. See how you feel in spring, when the sun is shining and a breeze is flowing through your panels.

  16. You did a great job! You're much braver than me! Purple doesn't work for me just because I have some unexplained aversion to the color in general. I like the idea of navy. I'd try again with those curtains before going out and buying more.


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