This is my NO RULES space.  Whatever  I feel compelled to do goes. I hate to really call it a reveal because it is far from done, always changing, and may look completely different tomorrow.  I want to hang a pinata from the ceiling every day of the year? Sure why not?  It's my happy space filled with things I love that provoke creativity.

That BOBBY necklace was made by a man on the street in Greece.  The little hat was worn by my Lolita at my bridal shower. 

This is the sketch from Rox at By Bun.  The perfect addition to my studio. 
Yea those are little doggies on top of my frame.  BECAUSE I CAN.

 Gosh that pink geode makes me so happy. Homegoods find!

 Yes that is a cheap trophy front and center. BECAUSE I CAN.  Here's the thing-- I never played a sport a day in my life. Wait I take that back I took tennis for about a week in 1st grade, but other that- sports are just not my thing.  I always envied my friends who had walls of trophies.  Wouldn't it be great to have your gift be acknowledged?  Well senior year in high school I finally won something!  Okay okay, so it's a Drama trophy but I did get 1st place!  You are looking at #1 in cold reading 2004 :) Anyway, I'm still pretty proud to have won a trophy. Just one.

 Thats a baby Bobby. LOVE. To the right is my mom and sister.

A disco ball in the center of my window makes for some great inpromtu dance parties.  Sunlight sparkles. 

This is an inspiration board on crack.  It will one day become an inspiration wall.  Like a wallpaper collage. 

 All this crafting gets exhausting.


  1. I can see that you will be able to get all sorts of creative in this room!

  2. OMG!!! LOVE it all!!! how amazing to have a space like this dedicated to all your creations. Trully beautiful!

  3. Kristen it looks amazing! I love all the little touches of personality and I love that everything has a story! I am so, so jealous that you have a craft room!

  4. You are so lucky to have a room just for you where you can let your imagination run wild. I'm loving it, especially that big 'oh darling' canvas. Where did you get your mannequin? I'm on the hunt for one just like it for a client.

  5. Love, love, love! How exciting is it to finally have this space set up in your home. I imagine you walk in and out just to have a peek several times throughout the day. I know I would. Well done!

  6. WOW is this YOUR craft space? I LOVE it!!!

    Ali of:


  7. Oh my what an adorable craft space!! Awww your lil doggie even has a space! I have to check out more work from By Bun...her print is pretty! I love the drop cloth with the party quote!! Best wishes on crafting future pretty things!

    Ergo - Blog

  8. Love everything! I only have one trophy too...a third place church league basketball beaut...from fourth grade. I'm still so proud of it haha.

  9. Rock on in the craft room. Your creative juices will flow in here. Love how bright it is.

  10. I love it, Kristen!! What a great, inspiring space!!

  11. love this space - so inspiring! and it has inspired me to make my craft/office space more inspiring too!!! :)
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  12. What a gorgeous and personal space, I love it! A perfect place to get creative. Well done. Yels x


  13. Fanfreakingtastic! Ah, the freedom of a no rules space! Some seriously creative shizz is going to go down in here!


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  15. This space is absolutely gorgeous Kristen! Well done! You should offer interior design services (forgive me if you already do and I just missed this fact!)

    Have a wonderful weekend xo

  16. I like the inspiration board.

    Also, I like the concept of such a space.

  17. your sense of style feels so right

  18. this is such a cool studio! i love the big wooden table! i for sure need a big table for my space. my old little desk is not enough. that sketch by roxy is so pretty! that gal is so talented. cheers!

  19. love the studio! and your dog is just so cute.


  20. I love everything about this room!!! So pretty and so inspiring to be inspired. ;)


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